Leo Woman - Cancer Man

The Crab and the Lioness.  These two both powerful in very different ways.  Whenever you mix Fire and Water, it can get a little tricky, but if done properly can create a lovely steam bath.  If these two work hard they can exchange a lot of learning from one another, but if not careful, can destroy each other (please refer to previous post of mixing elements for further detail).  His shifty moods can annoy her or even anger her, but the Leo woman has a huge heart and is quick to forgive especially when in love.  Unfortunately, Cancers tend to hold onto things for dear life.  If he could learn from his Lioness how to let go, he would be a much happier man. 

Don't let me scare you away from this Cancer man, he is gentle, sensitive, and more considerate to her than any other man she has ever known.  He is not controlling and lets her have her way most of the time because he really does care about her feelings.  The Lioness will feel protected from the insensitive, rude, and vulgar people who have offended her and her beautiful ego in the past and present.  When she is with him she hasn't felt this cherished since she was a child.  At last she finds a man that adores her.  All of this being said, there is still something about their relationship that worries her.  Something that she cannot define.  Almost as though a little voice inside her head is warning her of something.  Warning her of what though?

That little something is her feeling of him being a Cardinal sign (please read previous post on Quadruplicity for further detail).  That means behind his politeness, sweet laugh and wonderful sense of humor, he subtly manages everything in his life.... including her.  He will never project a poor temper or act as a chauvinistic pig, he will just expect her to follow his gentle lead.  Leo women are never intimidated by a direct challenge, in fact it amuses them. 

When you meet this couple you will not believe what I just wrote above.  You will see her huge fiery aura dripping in jewels and covered in sparkles.  Her laugh and presence can fill an entire room, you may not even notice that he is there.  Just remember, that behind the scenes he is actually running the show.  98% of the time he will give in to her fancies and every wish. As far as the other 2%, Her Royal Highness better back down when the Cancer man's caution overrules her impulsiveness.

This man is kind, sensitive, sympathetic, and mild because after all he is a water sign.  Just don't ever forget he is also a Cardinal sign.  If the leadership aspect of his sign scares you but you like the rest, go find a Scorpio or Pisces my dear.  Although the Pisces will not have the dependability of the Crab and the Scorpio has that sting that you must tread so lightly around.  Your man will never sting you, he may crawl in his shell for a couple of days, but he will not sting you.  That sounds better... doesn't it?

You are the sun and he is the moon.  You may have the day, but let him take the night.... capiche? Speaking of day and night, the Lioness may also get this crab to come out of his shell during the day.... intimately that is.  She will bring light to this watery man's ideas.  Love making is not just for the night time, especially for a Leo.  Physicality he is poetic, perceptive and deep and she is fiery and intense yet still and serene like a hot summers day.  Mix the two together and you get quite the cocktail. 

When these two decide to get married she must remember one thing.... his mother is always a saint.  Cancer men LOVE their mothers, so if you two don't see eye to eye you may want to work on that.... like now.  A cancer man marries for permanency and the Lioness always takes great pride in being the Queen Wife.  He must let her rule something in this household, after all she is queen of the jungle.  And she will, she will rule her children.  Cancer men make wonderful fathers and Leo women make incredible mothers.  Together, family life will be beautiful and important to them both in similar and different aspects. 

Cancer has an affectionate heart and Leo a generous one.  So Cancer, crawl out of your shell and Leo, swallow your pride because the Lioness does not feel comfortable in the ocean and the Crab does not fit well in the jungle.  Meet each other half way, meet in each others arms where Water and Fire defy the laws of the elements and blend.


  1. This post is so inspiring and such an eye opener! I recently started seen a Cancer Man( yes I am a Leo woman lol) and 99 percent of what you described, it's soo true. Sometimes my guy would say 'just follow my lead and we'll be fine' which I find kinda amusing, and I just keep quite and let him do his thing.


    1. Sometime its hard, especially being a Leo woman, to take others lead. I am so happy that you are finding harmony with him... that's what it's all about!

    2. haha, I'm the same way. I struggle with letting others control or tell me what to do. If someone tells me "NO" or "You can't" I'm like "just watch me"

  2. There was only One man out theyre for me, so it seemed, he was a Cancer man. He found me. True they can't let go of the past, 4 years I let him go. This year I decided to hear him out, I'll admit I liked the familiarity of picking things up. Memmories came flooding back. But again, seemed as though old habits die hard. In some areas of himself he changed I liked it. Relationship wise, he still seemed to be looking around, and there I was right in front of him, meant to be convincing me he wants me in his life. You can't have it both ways if you want a Leo in your life, I dont settle for half a man. I'm on the lookout for someone special, I haven't lost faith in a Cancer. Just him. You will always miss a Leos warmth. Not hard to be honest with yourself.

  3. I am a Leo lady and I have been with a Cancer man for a year now, and I cannot believe how accurate this is! I LOVE it because I know first hand how accurate it is!

  4. this is such a great article. i always believed in astrology to a point but wow this is dead on... and 6 years me and my leo girl have been together. we had problems with her ego and my sensitivity/trust issues but we both learned from each other that she needed to swallow her pride once and a while and I needed to trust her more and stop worrying about things that don't matter. we still have little things here and there but I think we are happy together.

  5. So.true im.a Leo an met a cancer he tried me for months straight to work with him as far as music I never would until he started proving himself to me..at this point everything u said true..we have amazing sex an I catch myself smiling all the time..only thing we havent said the words ur mine im urs but I feel he wants to js thinnk he is scared to..he nedds to act fast or should.tell him I want him as my man..

  6. Im a Leo woman im dating a Cancer Man who is younger then me. Let me say this is so true this is a new relationship but he has made me feel so good even his moodswings lol they never last in my presence he just let me meet his kids n whole time he was asking are you ok im like yea im great the way he interacted with his kids was a turnon love a man put family first fact he added me was beautiful

  7. I'm a leo woman and my cancer guy and I started dating almost 4 months now. . I'm seeing the mood swings already but they're harmless.. He's really sweet and caring.. He's always thinking of me and my 2 sons and they have a good relationship so far.. I love him and I can't wait to see where we go from here,, to the top hopefully. The sex has gotten better every time and I'm so hot for him.. He's great with my kids and his nieces and nephews.. Although I didn't want anymore kids,, I would love to give him his first kid and more even marry him.. I know it's too fast to be thinking like this but fuck it he's my boo thang..

    1. Oh yeah,, this Leo woman is typing from her cancer man Google account..

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHA I love this! Awesome!

  8. I've been in a 4 year relationship with my Cancer man and this really speaks to the nature of our relationship. He's loving, caring, and although his mom can be less than loving to him or me because of my dominant aura, she walks on water to him. Lol. He constantly tells me to trust him and trust his plans for us whereas I need to see things. I continuously work on being patient and accept his quiet expressions of his love for me as him screaming it to the world. I'm the one who shouts it from the rooftops! Lol. It can be difficult at times but this man is my universe and I wouldn't do anything to lose him.

  9. Love this so much and it really opened my eyes

  10. Nice...love to see all your comments here...it inspires me :) I just started dating a cancer man and yeah he's truly amazing, he makes me feel so secure and special...though I still have hanging questions in me...so I just hope things will work well...

  11. I've been with my cancer man for about 6 months. We were friends for a year before we got into a rerelationship. He is so sweet, treats me right, adores my daughter's and they love him. He gets in his mood and it's like everything gets doubted. I love my man and it's a challenge

    1. I can definitely see how there can be doubt. Im having second thoughts just cause I cant handle having that doubt. It really sucks. Normally as a LEO I wouldnt even be trippin on it but that tells me that I really love this guy and I sure hope that I made the wrong choice by letting this wall down to him.


  12. I am a Cancerian and I need help. I am desperately in love with a Leo. She’s also a very distant relative of my family. We are great friends, have many things in common also (like music and movie taste, supporter of same football team, clothing style, interacting style (these things are coming to my mind right now :P). She exercises at gym whereas I exercise free handed. The catch is we stay far from each other (same country, different states) and so when I miss her I call her and if she’s free she answers it with nice greeting.). Once I told her casually that I like her but she reverted that I am your aunt (she’s actually couple of years younger than me) and lets just stay that way. I do compliment her whenever I get chance, tell her she looks beautiful among all her friends, occasionally give her suggestions on some matter too. She also tells me what to do when I am stuck, why I should move on, etc but my brain cannot process this 'AUNT' thing.

    I know Leos don’t stand rejection and I suspect that she thinks our families wont approve this relation. And thats why to not to get her heart broken she is taking this defensive measure of posing herself as my aunt. She acknowledges I am a good guy (she even told me I am a little misdirected now) but doesn’t seem to realize that she’s NOT my aunt.

    I am also going to her place on her birthday. (I have plans to take her to a dinner in a romantic restaurant apart from giving her clothing and a gift I bought which I am confident she’ll like.) But am unsure whether she will have time to go out with me or not.

    So please help how I can go forward?

    PS: I didnt know about her existence for about 25 years and once she came to know me, she helped me in a serious matter for which my life has now changed a lot. She was present during my failure and so I dont want to let her be absent during my success.

    I desperately need your help guys.

  13. This blog is Spot On. I am a Leo woman and the best relationship I ever had was with my cancer man. I never been so secure and happy with any relationship BUT with this British cancerian guy. He is gentle, understanding and YES he let me have my way and whenever I come crying, he is always there for me.

  14. I have only been dating a Cancer for a month and we are both already head over heels. I am just now for the first time experiencing his moodiness and honestly, its hit my heart with a dagger. I understand he needs his space but I dont get how you can go so hot and cold in just a day or two. Half of me is saying to run for the hills because my heart can not handle another heartbreak. I want to be my partners rock and the one to lean on when things get stressful...not placed on an island alone waiting for him to come around. I dont think that is very fair to me. Most of these feeling may be residuals from a past relationship so I am trying not to think to deep into it. Its hard though. He has been nothing but amazing in making me feel loved...until now.

    1. Also, even caring enough to search online for some answers tells me that I really do love this man....but I am praying I do not have to kick myself for allowing him to touch my heart so soon.

    2. I had the same thing happen with my cancer bf (proud leo speaking), it didn't work out because he was just not in it with me and I wanted to be partners with him and he wasn't ready. Holding on to the past (so cancer) anyway almost 4months later I took him back because I love him so much and we've been together for a year! I'm so happy with him and I realized that distance that he wanted was healthy for me. I need my alone time too otherwise I'm no good! Leo's are very prideful and in different ways we have a hard time letting go too. I love my cancer man for helping me see that! :)

    3. I had the same thing happen with my cancer bf (proud leo speaking), it didn't work out because he was just not in it with me and I wanted to be partners with him and he wasn't ready. Holding on to the past (so cancer) anyway almost 4months later I took him back because I love him so much and we've been together for a year! I'm so happy with him and I realized that distance that he wanted was healthy for me. I need my alone time too otherwise I'm no good! Leo's are very prideful and in different ways we have a hard time letting go too. I love my cancer man for helping me see that! :)

  15. just read the whole article and i dropped my mouth and read it over and over !!!!
    My cancer always leave me speechless every time we argue we talk and explain each other view...& yes as a Leo ( i am ) being so stubborn and when he explains every aspects it opens my eyes and heart & it does scare the LIFE out of me but i feel like our opposites collide us to either make us or break us. we're at the point he may be giving up because he feels the level of respect but reading this makes me try understand him more since we're 2 totally different people. & i wanna keep him & i know he cares i gotta let my insecurites and pride to the side hes trying so hard and im trying my best to let him know i wanna be by his side and meet each other 100 percent .

  16. I can see a lot of us Leo's online looking for ways to understand our Cancer partners. I have been going out with my cancer for the last 5months though we met 8months before that.
    When we're together we have fun, laugh and makes sure I am ok even if he is in his mood swings which hits me all the time. Initially I responded with bold text messages which blew up in an argument and he made me promise never to send him a text for the rest of his life, (which 4 now he believes he's having his way lol).
    Now we talk to each other and he is coming out all protective especially when I go out without him because we work in different cities but we are on the phone averagely 4 times a day everyday.
    He is an extreme workaholic sometimes when I am over there but when he makes time it is magical and when we make love woooo it is different each time, pleasurable and mind blowing.
    Loving him is the toughest ever, at the same time the best thing though he makes me so angry at the same and I think the Leo in me loves the challenge. As someone said above, he gets me smiling to myself all the time.
    Sometimes I feel like walking away but the feeling is so strong I can't explain it.

  17. I am a leo woman. I was completely drawn to this cancer man from the first time we sat and conversed. We have been dating for a year. He is also in a unhappy relationship with someone else for a while and is having difficulty leaving. I don't feel it'll happen but I know we'd make each other very happy. I've dealt with the mood swings. Still dealing with doubt on his part. He is the best man I've ever met. Takes care of me wholeheartedly. I don't want to run when I probably should. Possibilities of him being all mine are starting to dim in my living room. It will take everything to only be friends. I truly want to be the one he chooses... Confused heart!


  18. Thanks for this post. Please do a post on Cancer man with Aquarius woman. I will be eagerly waiting for that one.

  19. As a Leo woman, I always felt that as a fixed sign that similarities from other fixed signs are best. I've known this Cancer guy for almost 6 months no. We always had casual lunch dates at work and often effortlessly found it easy to converse on several topic areas. Last two months we started seeing each other outside of work and hanging out almost every week. As a fixed sign we rarely ever bow to others or let them take control. And since hanging with him, at times I feel my will slipping. Not that he verbally demands it but his actions melt my aggressive side. As a Leo that's scary because we always want to be in control....but as free spirited as we are ( Leo women), deep down we crave a man to fully take control of us and please us in every way. We have not made it official as a relationship yet but I can see signs of him caving. He so caring and open to all my needs, I truly believe it will be a great pairing. I've decided to go at his speed... In his presence masculinity reeks and I can't help but purr in satisfaction from it. I do hope it blossoms into a great relationship. And like many comments before he's attached to his mother as I am to my father. Opposites do attract and this is a possible match in heaven Leo Women. Sexually he reeks dominance as well, you can feel it in his subtle touches and deep kisses, letting you know that he plans to please this body as his own personal temple. I welcome the challenges should they appear, don't be scared by this possible pairing, the Pros will outweigh the Cons.

    Blessings from Trinidad & Tobago.

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