Gemini Woman - Pisces Man

This woman is a sprite.  Yes a fairy.  She is always flitting about, blowing kisses, and capturing hearts with  her light spirit and star-like eyes.  He will feel uncertain about this woman and her several personalities, not just at first but always.  She will never leave this man bored.  At times he will get a little jealous because she gives her attention to everyone so freely.  He will just have to get used to this if he is in love with this woman.  She is playful and charming girl who cries when people are upset with her, and giggles when she gets her way.  It will not be difficult to get her way with this fish.  He is an understanding man for the most part.  Although, sometimes it is hard to understand what this woman wants.  That is because you aren't dealing with just one woman, you are dealing with at least two or more.  Patience is where they will have their struggles.  She has as much patience as a little hummingbird that flutters around from flower to flower so fast that you can't even see it's wings move. 

A Pisces's eyes tend to always look deep and lost while a Gemini's eyes are quick and always searching.  She views things through a three dimensional prism seeing all of the different ways she could go in life to and all of different things she could have for breakfast.  She can actually, in some very strange way, project multiple emotions at once.  Have you ever seen someone laugh and cry at the same time?  That is exactly what I am talking about.  I have a very close Gemini friend and getting ready to go out on a night on the town with her is not exactly what I would call fun.  She probably changes at least five or more times.  How can I blame her though?  She has five people in her head telling her what to wear!  A Pisces man sees things through his eyes a little differently.  His emotions and feelings are deep and he tends to feel the moods of those around him.  So do you see how this could get a little exhausting for this man?  This woman was born into the earth like a bolt of lightning, and hasn't slowed down since.  She is sparkly and quick like mercury.  He was born tired. He's a Pisces after all, he is the last Sun Sign on the karmic wheel.  He has an old soul that has been through all of the other 11 signs.

Sometimes she will try to analyze their love for one another.  Do not do this beautiful girl.  He knows that it is not possible and a waste of your time.  Love is love.  It is an abstract thing that cannot be broken down or torn apart in any way.  She will love that sense of security he has about his love and eventually one of her twins will mimic it, but the other one will always be guessing.  She can't help herself.  However her consistent movement is a good thing in this relationship because it will cause them rarely to bicker.  Before he even has time to bring up something that he is irritated with, she will already be baking him muffins or asking him to go for a run with her.  He will quickly then realize its not even worth ruining the moment over.

Yes, these two's instinctual natures are very different which can lead to problems.  When a Pisces is hurt they will swim away, and a Gemini woman does not like to be left alone for too long with no one to talk to.  When she is by herself her twins will start to argue with one another... one will say; you shouldn't of acted like you cared so much... the other one will say; you shouldn't have been so mean... I'm not mean, I'm being honest... and on and on.  When a Pisces senses this woman battling herself, he will calm her down and let her know that everything is fine.  Here's the trick for these two; when Gemini talks, listen.  When Pisces feels, sympathize.  You two are both mutable signs so you can definitely hold a hell of a conversation, so talk your problems through with your gift of gab.

When it comes to sex with these two, neither one needs fiery expressions of intensity.  They find intimacy in a much more sweet and sensual way, somewhat like eating a piece of vanilla cake with butter cream icing.  If they want something deeper, she will probably have to learn from him.  Through her spontaneity and his deep tranquility, they can find lovemaking to be exciting yet peaceful all at the same time. 

As different as these two are, they definitely have their similarities.  They love privacy, freedom, art, and music.  Neither really are ones for routine, especially her.  They are also very well known to blow things out of proportion at times, because they are both dreamers.  Her dreams will change once a week, but he will have one big one for a while or forever.  Either way, they will enjoy talking about them often.  He is the dreamer of the zodiac.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, the best inventors and entrepreneurs happen to be Pisces.  She needs someone to listen to her thoughts, puzzles, and ideas so that she can get some help figuring them out.  He can help her with all of those if he takes the time to intently listen to her.  After he listens to her, he won't feel so lost anymore. He will understand her, and not just one part of her, all of her.  Yes, Geminis may be a little confusing, but like I mentioned earlier never uninteresting.

One word of advice for my Gemini friends is to never tear this man's dreams down.  He has spent his life building them and wants and needs your honest support. I know it may be hard for you to back one thing 100% because your mind is in a thousand places at once, but you need to focus and do this if you want this man.  If you can speak softly and walk slowly through his dream, which is his life, you will enter a place that is more beautiful than you ever imagined.  It is calm and serene there and probably a place you have been searching for your entire life.  A place that you thought you may never see.  So hold his hand my fairy and walk right into his heart.

How to Spot a Taurus

These people have a strong and silent type of personality.  Until you get to know this Taurus you will probably get short and sweet answers to your questions.  They are solid and sturdy people, and there isn't much that can disturb their peace.  You could throw an egg at their face and they wouldn't move an inch.  Once you have pissed them off they typically just want to be alone.  However, if you push these peaceful creatures too much you are asking for it.  If he or she has been pushed too far, get out of the way FAST.  They will destroy everything in their path, yes even a Scorpio.  Just remember though that this is a rare occasion, and you will find it extremely difficult to do so.

Most of these Sun signs will actually resemble a bull in some way.  The men will be sturdy, and the women will have this transparent, peaceful, yet steady look in their eyes.  She will be graceful and move slowly but you will see the strength in her body.  The men usually have broad shoulders and thick necks.  Their ears are a little small and they tend to chew their food slowly.  They usually have dark wavy hair and dark eyes.  For those blonde and fair skin Taureans, they will still have that definite sense of strength about them.  Yes, most of them have a strong sturdy body even if they are plump or skinny.  They are still strong.

They are very attracted to the opposite sex and when they find someone that they want, they do not pursue it full force.  A Bull will not waste their time chasing someone around.  They aren't big on visiting, they would rather be visited.  If you want this Taurus, call them.  They will most likely pick up, and when they do throw something romantic out and they will make it clear if they are interested or not.  Taurus seldom worries about much.  They are stoic by nature and not much can break their typical routine.

These stealthy people are homebodies much like Cancers.  They truly enjoy being in their own surroundings.  If they live in a crowded apartment they will feel the need to escape often.  They love going for walks in serene and quiet places to get back in touch with nature and the earth.  It is innate in them to feel this way.  If they do not own their home, that is probably one of their biggest goals in life. 

Typically Taureans are very healthy.  The only thing that would ever hurt them is their stubbornness by not listening to their doctor.  They tend to be quite happy people with good attitudes which always helps with recovering from any ailment.  Taurus rules the throat so they will be prone to more soar throats than most.  They also love food and drink, so some may have heart or weight problems if proper exercise is not in place.

One very obvious signs that your friend or lover is a Taurus is by their stubbornness.  They don't see it as stubbornness, they see it as patience. They often feel misunderstood in this area of their life because to them they are just being practical and firm.  This can be a bad thing for these soft souls because they tend to take on burdens heavily. Their best virtue is by far patience, but patience and stubbornness are two different thing.  One of my good friends is a Taurus Woman, and I love sitting to talking to her and learning from her because she is on the other end of the karmic wheel being that I am a Scorpio.  We can sit and talk for hours and she always has lessons to teach me of patience, understanding, and virtue.  She has a philosophical way of speaking that almost brings peace to your mind. I admire her because I am so different from her.

As I mentioned earlier, Taurus love to eat and drink.  They eat anything and everything from hot peppers to chocolate to steak.  It is rare to find a Taurus that you would consider a picky eater.  They have great earthy senses of humor that is typically not mean or vulgar.  Taurueans tend to also be good with their money.  They are not all millionaires, but they also aren't taking free handouts either.  They are not power hungry people, but enjoy the dollars that come with power.  They are not stingy people and are happy to lend a helping hand or dollar if need be.

Places they love to visit are big cities to stare up in amazement at the large buildings.  They also love to appreciate things like beautiful pieces of art.  They truly enjoy any type of art especially music as well.  Music touches their soul in a way that it does not touch others, and drawing or painting will be something that they love.  Some Taurus beings have beautiful singing and speaking voices as well. 

I know this sounds ridiculous, but you will never find a Taurus with a lot of red in their home for the simple fact that the color does not give them any peace.  They will enjoy earth tones, blue and rose but never red.  A lot of green and brown will do them just fine.

These folks are very practical people, but they can shine brighter than the moon on the sea.  There is not a lot that is tiny about these people especially when it comes to love.  They love big because that is the only way they see fit.  They are patient and deep like a never ending woodland, with strength that can move any peak.  Just don't forget that they are also stubborn. 

Cancer Woman - Scorpio Man

This woman is not vain or egotistical, but she can come off very misunderstood.  She's not a huge risk taker, especially when it comes to relationships.  She likes to stay close to shore; that is until she met this man.  She loves the mystery that he is but if she wants to get to know him the way you get to know a Scorpio, she must swim out far far away from the shore where she feels safe, and throw away every fear she has ever had.  These women truly want to be appreciated for exactly what they are, but because of the painful past relationships they can hide in their shell and never truly show what it is they really need.  He doesn't need her to tell him anything, it's almost as though he already knows.  And he does.

A Cancer woman wears a shell made of titanium.  If any normal guy tried to get past it, her mood may tend to get crabby and she could even snap her claws at him.  Scorpios love a good challenge.  He can't wait to get this girl out of her shell.  She may seem a little shy, but he can see straight through her.  In fact when he looks at her, she can almost feel her shell made of solid reservations melt off her body.  He is not a very trusting man either, but when he meets this timid yet hilarious woman he instantly feels at ease.  Many people have probably tagged these two in the past as a little emotionally cold, but deep down they are not in the slightest.  You see with water signs like these two are, they have the deepest of emotions.  When you have emotions like these it is not always easy to share with other people because they may not understand the depth of how you feel things.  No one on the earth is able to control his emotions as well as a Scorpio man.  But when they get together they understand it and are able to swim to the depths together and not even come up for air.  They are sentimental with one another which can bring them both to tears.  Their bond and understanding of one another is really quite deep and beautiful.

So now you understand that these two are not cold at all.  They just simply need their exteriors to protect their soft interiors.  At first she may pull away to protect herself from him because she is falling so fast.  There is no reason for this my Moon Princess, if he is bearing his soft interior to you then you know that this man is there to stay for good.

Scorpios are extreme. Black and white.  He may not seem like it when you first meet him because he is so calm and collect.  The only thing that seems intense about his outward appearance is most likely his penetrating eyes.  Don't be fooled though, he has practiced this act for a long time.  His insides are as hot as the day is long.  Why am I even telling you this though Cancer.... you already know!  She will find his flaws a little while after they have been together.  He is pretty clear on what he feels strongly about.  He will most likely be jealous, suspicious, and dominating. Her downfalls will be keeping things a secret, possessiveness, and emotional mood swings.  They may sound like terrible problems to have for most people, but this couples downfalls compliment each other.  He is a master of mystery and practically a human lie detector so even if she believes that she is hiding something, she most likely isn't.  He doesn't mind her possessiveness one bit, his jealousy makes her feel loved, and she rarely gives him a reason to be suspicious.  He must learn to deal with these mood swings by being extremely sensitive and understanding.  He must use his dominating personality to gently take hold of her lunar swings and make her realize that he can take away any pain she feels.

Sexually he is intense and she is sensitive.  These two love the feeling that they give one another of reassurance and security.  This woman doesn't have sex when she feels bored, she has sex with this man to become one with him.  It will never need to be talked about because it is so deep and passionate on both the physical and emotional level.  She may even find herself in tears after because of the intense beautiful connection she feels with him. They understand that controlled passion is not passion, so when they are with one another in this sense, it is a freeing feeling of body and soul.  Most people cannot even understand this dimensional and deep lovemaking.  Some will never be experience it.  The deepness of being a water signs is a blessing this way, but a curse in so many others.

When these two fight they will both retreat under their hard exteriors.  What these two need to do is talk it over after things have cooled.  Cooling does not consist of three days either my lovely Cancer, this will only make things worse for your man.  Sometimes it may be hard for these two to communicate because he is a fixed sign and she is a cardinal.  Once a Scorpio has dug their heels in, its hard to get them to move which can be very frustrating for her naturally born leading qualities.  The answer is to not sweep your issues under the rug.  You must do your best to talk and FEEL what the other is trying to communicate.  It is sad to see a couple like this split because they usually miss each other so much that they can become destructive to themselves in the process.

This woman's fuzzy insides make him feel like he has finally found where he is supposed to be.  This man who is so exhausted of always wearing his protective exterior will finally find comfort and security.  Once she has become his she will never have to worry if she will find a relationship that is as deep as she imagined one could be.  Go swimming in the deep end my Cancerian love, the water's just fine. 

Virgo Woman - Pisces Man

So I know this may not sound very romantic, but there is a very good possibility that these two could have been brought together by a pair of shoes. Pisces men rule the feet.  I will have to explain in a later post about what I mean by this, but every Sun Sign rules a certain body part.  So yes, I know it’s a bit strange to comprehend but just follow along the best you can.  So because these wise water signs rule the feet they tend to take good care of them.  Both men and women Pisces love shoes for this particular reason.  All women love shoes, but Pisces take it to a whole new level.  Virgo’s are keen on catching details.  This is why they are so good at giving compliments.  So one day while these two are in line at a hot dog stand she will see this typically tall man and notice how great his shoes are.  When she catches his deep and watery eyes she’ll smile coyly and say, “I like your shoes.”  And that could very well be the start of this captivating relationship.  He will love that she took notice, and of course being that these two are both mutable signs, he will immediately strike conversation with her.  He is obviously at this point a lot more interested in just her shoes.  They will grab their dogs and find a table to eat lunch together at and he will joke about how she probably noticed his shoes because they were so large, Pisces men tend to have big feet no pun intended.  She will laugh her silvery laugh and say, “of course not” which we all know is a lie because Virgos notice everything, but she is doing her best to keep her cool.  They will just talk… a lot.  On a few more dates he will use his romantic Piscean charm to tell her how cold his large feet get at night and she will agree that she can never stay warm herself.  Before you know it they will be spending every night talking and keeping each other warm in bed.  The End….. HA not really.

That cunning clever fish has no problem charming a woman right into his arms, or in this case his bed.  They are one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac.  I dated a Pisces for three years.  Our first date was a concert which is no surprise because Pisces men love the arts.  At this concert I wasn’t really that into him, and then the next thing I knew I was moving in with him two years later.  That’s just kind of how it is with these watery men.  They take you down the depths of their ocean with them and you lose all sense of reality and time.  How that relationship ended is for a later post.  After all this is about Virgo, but not even as cool as she is, this woman can resist the romanticism of this man. 

These two are on the opposite side of the karmic wheel from one another.  Just like how I wrote about Aquarius and Leo, they are naturally drawn to one another like two magnets.  When she is alone with this man she will shock herself how she has such little control with her emotions around this man.  These two are natural lovers, so sex will be something that unites them strongly together.  It will probably be one of the only things these two will never fight about.  Her quiet and earthy passion will really excite him, and their love making never feels like something that is ever demanded.   They are not only natural lovers but these two are not ones you would ever call selfish. 

That does not mean that these two are good at sharing.  Confused?  Let me explain.  Money.  She will tend to find his spending habits repulsive at times.  I don’t blame her.  My ex used to buy rounds and rounds of shots for his friends.  He always paid his bills on time, but I always thought how much better that money could have gone to use.  You see in a Pisces mind, money has to matter.  If it means everyone else around him is having a better time because of his generosity, he is a happy fish.  A typical Virgo will find it immature that he just lends out or even gives his money so freely to friends and family. He will find her comments about this matter nagging and as though she is trying to take his freedom from him.  Quite the opposite my Piscean man, she is just looking out for you.  As I have told you before this almost perfect woman’s few flaws is her criticalness and her nagging.  Unfortunately, these two things are very hard for a Pisces man to take.  Yes, no man likes these things but a Pisces does not have the patience of a Taurus or the understanding of a Capricorn to handle these traits.  If he continues to feel like he is failing her, he will find a way to escape the pain he is sensing.  Usually for him that consists of stopping by the local bar, or becoming distant by drowning himself deep into his dreams and emotions.  Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiacs.  There have been some of the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs to come from this sign.    

This woman is extremely practical so she will realize what is going on right in front of her eyes.  She will have to use her sensibility before it is too late to realize why she fell in love with this dreamy man.  He had a magical way of whisking her off into his starry waters with him, and it made her feel like all of her dreams had come true.  So don’t be so critical on this man my Virgo angel, your love for one another is not worth any amount of money. 

As for you my Fish friend, don’t keep secrets from this woman.  I know you may find it amusing to tell her you are going to the grocery store when you are really picking up your dry-cleaning, but just don’t do it.  Pisces are quirky like that.  They like to lie about things that harm no one just for the hell of it.   Remember that your Virgo lady with her clear eyes and loving intent, will listen to you and all of your thoughts and dreams until the sun comes up like no one on this earth will.  And let’s be honest here, you could probably use a little constructive criticism here and there sir.  Most Pisces are not the best at looking after their own interests; instead they please everyone else around them.  A good and bad trait to have.  When things get a little sticky let her drive the wheel, she’s better at it than you in tough times.  When things have cleared you can go back to driving.  Got it?

On their first anniversary she will remember the first time they meet, and maybe even gift him a brand new pair of the same shoes that brought them together.  While eating at the same hot dog stand, they will talk again for hours about that day of fate.  At the end of the night they will end up in bed close to one another to stay warm under the covers where they first fell in love.

The Virgo Woman

I’m sure some of you may laugh when you think of your Virgo friend as a "virgin".  If you have some preconceived notion that because her Sun Sign is represented by a virgin that they are some innocent white saint, you are totally mistaken.  Sorry to spoil your perfectly angelic view of them.  A Virgo woman has no problem leaving her boyfriend for a man that treats her with the respect she deserves, and has no problem having a child out of wedlock if the situation comes up.  That isn’t very virginal now is it? 
 Virgo girls won’t get fiery and heated about a topic of conversation, and they will also rarely get arrested for doing anything against the law.  I also highly doubt you will ever see one in a sparse outfit showing off all her goods.  However, this woman is a woman.  She will not cry or become desperate for attention if she has a few jabs thrown her way. 
In relationships this woman is after love.  Not just any type of love; real love.  A Virgo woman who finds her current relationship imperfect will leave it for something better.  She will cut ties so precisely that there will be no error.   You see when a Virgo woman finds the one love that reigns supreme in her life, that will mean more than a paper document any court can write up.  Word of advice to those who are dating one of these women; stay on point.  I am not trying to make this woman sound cold at all.  When in love, she is hot white and all of her intentions are pure.  She definitely has passion in her spirit. 

All Virgo women are perfectionists, this does that mean that they are perfect.  They have traits that can be a little hard at times.  A Virgo woman raised me….. I would know!  One of these traits that will make one a little nutty is that they truly believe that no one is able to do things as orderly and efficiently as they can.  Here’s the kicker – no one usually can.  They are also very adamant about punctuality.  I don’t remember my mother ever being late for anything.  I wish I could say the same about myself.  If you are late to pick this woman up on a date, she won’t yell and scream but she will be fussy and maybe even tell you why it is so important to always be on time.  This is also not a woman you want to fight with.  Virgos are one of the most intelligent, Gemini is right there with them, signs in the zodiac AND they are a mutable sign.  They will talk you in circles.  It’s better just to agree and move on because you will probably lose with her anyways.  If you want to impress this woman I would also highly advise you practice your grammar and manners.  Don’t chew with your mouth open, or push corn on your fork with your finger (mom hated that one), and also watch your language.  Not to say that they don’t cuss, but these ladies are no sailors. 
She is one great critic.  Most of them love plays, concerts, and books but not the way most love them.  She loves them because she is able to critique them.  Being critical is as natural for her as breathing is for us.  They are always searching, analyzing, detailed, and searching.  To most it sounds exhausting and a waste of energy, to them it entertains their quick minds.  Remember this though; she is just as critical on herself as she is on everything and everyone else.  One great thing about this trait of hers is that if she loves you she will do all of your worrying for you, and enjoy it.  These ladies hearts are a lot warmer than you may guess, they are not walking talking droids.  They may not advertise their warmth as much as some because they prefer to keep it controlled, but it is there.  Yes sometimes they are annoyingly nitpicky, but remember that her perfection is a virtue of hers, not a sin. 
Like all earth signs, this woman lives in reality. To her the truth is beautiful and she relishes in it.  She shares herself carefully and only with a select few.  The little things mean a lot to this woman.  Even though she tends to be shy, she is a wonderful friend to have in dark times.  Her sense of responsibility also acts like a stickiness that holds relationships, friendships, and family together.  They will keep a clean and cozy home that all will want to gather in.
As far as motherhood goes for these women; you will rarely see their children with a snotty nose, or a stain on their clothing, scuffs on their shoes, or tussled hair.  They are usually the disciplinarians with their children.   These women will rarely have more than two children because they do not feel like they complete her as being a woman.  She completes herself in that realm.  Their kids usually find them very funny and playful.  They will instill good habits, and have a tender touch.  The other night I was at a business dinner with associates and there was corn on my plate.  I almost pushed a piece of corn on my fork with my finger and then, out of nowhere, I heard my mothers voice in my head say, "Use your knife Desiree!".  I text her later and told her that she instilled fantastic manners in me as a child which brought her to tears.  Typical Virgo mother..... critical, yet kind hearted. 
If you have a Virgo in your life, keep her around.  She will nurse you back to health when you are sick, make your bed every morning, she will dress neatly, never embarrass you, and be able to carry an intelligent conversation.  She won't throw out emotional scenes in public or spend your money unwisely.  Doesn't that sound totally worth keeping your nails clean and minding your Ps and Qs?  Whenever you feel frustrated, look into her cool pure eyes straight down into her heart that is filled with love and good intention, and you will understand that you want nothing more than to have her around. 

Virgo Woman - Sagittarius Man

This couple may be a tense challenge, but like I have posted before there is always a way to make every match a harmonious one.  Practice makes perfect with this couple.  The Sagittarian is a lot more impulsive than this meticulous Virgoan woman. This also includes his spending.  He spends in a very casual carefree way, where she is a lot more to prone to count every single penny.  She doesn't mean to be a penny pincher, she is just a cautious woman.  They say the two biggest reasons why people argue in relationships is sex and money, so these two must learn to compromise in this ONE area of their relationship. 

He is a bot of a clumsy guy, sometimes in his communication and sometimes literally.  Most people enter a profession and then work towards retirement... he works the other way around.  He usually works in what he likes to do instead of what can make him the most amount of money or what takes the most amount of work.  If things get too tough he will eventually find a steadier job, but he would rather just be "retired" his whole career.  This attitude that he has can be horrifying to the hard working Virgin.  She will warn him at first that he needs to care more about his future, then it can get sharp if he does not respond to her words of advice.  See, he doesn't understand why you would want to work in a job that you hate just to gain financially security.  He believes that what you wake up and go do every day better be something that you love.  I hate to take sides here, but I have to side with him on this one my dear Virgo.  There are thousands of Sagittarian men who have become extremely successful doing what they are passionate about.  The money will come, just be patient.

A Virgo's intentions are always good, so I hope that she can put her rose colored glasses and look at this man with kind patient integrity.  They can lift the curse of their squared sun signs by learning what each one of them has to offer in lessons to one another.  Physical chemistry is always a way to make up if you tiff frequently.  Being physical with one another will be refreshing as the fragrance of roses in a sun shower, especially after you have grown weary from constant misunderstandings.  When she is in his chivalrous arms, she will forget about his frustrating mistakes, and he will forget about her critical nature. 

My mother is a Virgo and her now husband is a Sagittarian.  The two of them are hilarious with one another.  She keeps the cleanest house you will ever see, and he truly cares for her emotions and provides for her to the absolute best of his ability.  He would do absolutely anything for my mom.  They definitely get in their quarrels here and there, but their intentions with one another are always the absolute best.  My father is a Gemini and my mother's relationship with him ended in divorce... that's a whole other blog post.  The way my step dad is with my mother is a lot different, and a lot more caring and forgiving than her relationship with my dad.  Don't get me wrong... I LOVE Gemini men.  My brother is a Gemini, and I love him more than any other human being on this planet.  It's all in how you approach your relationship.  It can be work, but it can also be totally worth it!

These two sings must just find their rhythm with one another.  Like I said earlier, it takes practice.  One thing these two do have down, being that they are both mutable signs, is that their communication is usually on point (please see previous post for further detail).  They also have intelligent sparkling minds, filled with great ideas.  One day he will say, "Let's take a trip and get outta here."  If you are smart my Virgo lady, you will cast all of your doubts and analytical thought processes aside and say, "Yes, I would love that!"  Let this man give you freedom and find your rhythm, and things will naturally flow. 

Scorpio Woman - Aquarius Man

She enticed him at first with the mystery of her deepness.  Being with a Scorpio feels as though you went to just go put your toes in the water and somehow ended up in the depths of the ocean amongst the fish and beautiful coral reefs.  Its exciting, deep, mysterious, and ever-changing.  The depths of a Scorpion woman are always varying, and at times can become strange even when her ocean started to become familiar to him.    Remember though, this man is an Air sign.  He needs to come up for oxygen every once in a while.  Scorpios are possessive when they love, and Aquarian men only allow themselves to be possessed for short periods of time.  If he is smart, he will realize that being possessed by this magnetic woman is better than becoming unposessed and discarded when he has hurt her by asking for too much freedom.  When you hurt a Scorpion woman she will ACT as though she does not care where you go or what you do, and may ACT as though you don't exist.  Don't even bother saying hi to her when you see her next.  How could she say hi back to a man that is invisible to her?  The deep freeze that a Scorpio woman can put on her emotions will make him feel very cold.  He will start wishing he was possessed by her again.  It was way better swimming in her ocean than standing outside of it with no towel and shivering to death.

She doesn't like seeing him freeze, but she needs to teach him a lesson because she loves this man and wants him to swim with her forever.  Typically when a Scorpio has made you invisible its permanent, unless her heart is involved.  If any man can break this woman's icy spells its this man.  He loves to break things.... breaking rules, breaking traditional views, and breaking out unexpected remarks.  He loves the shock factor of it all.  After he breaks her chilling silent treatment, they can go swimming again.... only more cautiously this time. 

She needs to learn that he can bear her emotional intensity in small doses.  If not he starts to lose his self-control. He needs to learn that even though she may be quiet when she's irritated by him, her emotions can be turning and burning from within.  The quieter this woman is, the more angry she is.  Somewhat like a volcano.  When he is upset however he will let you know right away... and you will definitely know.  He doesn't announce his thoughts allowed unless he's really upset, and there are a couple of reasons for that.  Sometimes ideas pop in and out of his mind so quickly that he can't even remember it let alone tell you about it, and the other reason is that he refrains from saying what he is thinking because he senses that he may change his mind about it in a few minutes.  He figures, why waste his energy talking about something that is so transient in his mind? No one ever said this man wasn't a little bit strange. 

He LOVES to shock this woman by saying the most off the wall thing.  I don't blame him.  There really isn't anything more satisfying than seeing a Scorpio woman shocked... it's not an easy thing to do.  For example: she will be nagging him about how he never gets her flowers while he is watching TV one morning.  She will think he hasn't heard her because he always has that distant aloof look in his eyes.  Then one morning she will walk in the house and there will be the most beautiful flower arrangement next to her bed with all of her favorite flowers.  When she calls to say thank you, he will tell her that he has no idea about any flowers and that magical leprechauns must have done it. 

Most people call this man crazy, but she loves it.  His craziness brings her a sense of freedom One thing these two have in common is that they are both very individual people.  They do not feel a need to conform to others thoughts or beliefs in the way they act or how they should think.  However, Scorpio believes that some things should just remain private.  Most of their fighting will actually take place with things that he does in public, which is why things are just a little easier when these two are alone.  See although you would never know, sometimes his eccentric behavior embarrasses her in public even though she thoroughly enjoys it behind closed doors.  Strange, but once he gets the hang of it it's smooth sailing. 

The physical attraction may not be the thing that attracted these two right at the beginning.  It's usually some odd bond that they share that does the trick like a mutual interest, having went through a difficult yet similar situation, or even the kind of work that they do. She will love his humanitarian nature, although sometimes she wishes he wouldn't have so many friends so that she could spend more time with him.  Their relationship will grow more emotional every day from the bond they have. Only when friendship has been firmly established is when he can give his full attention to his physical expression.  She will notice that the longer she is with this man, the better and better sex gets.  How is that possible?  He is mental.... and then emotional.  That is why.

These two signs are square to one another.  By what most astrologers say, they shouldn't work.  I say differently.  Will they have to work at it a little harder than most?  Yes, absolutely.  The best advice that I can give to my Scorpion sisters dating an Aquarian man is this.... Do not let your memory think of past misfortunes and disappointment to guide your present attitude into bitter waves of resentment.  Being a Scorpio woman, I know that this can be EXTREMELY hard to do.  Take note from your kooky Aquarius.  He is not looking back with resentment, he is moving forward.  Follow him.  He finds it silly to waste precious energy looking back, he would rather use it to push straight ahead.  Grab ahold of his hand and move with him. 

If this man claims you as his love, you are not just his wife, girlfriend, or lover.  You are his best friend.  Within her there is so much depth, desire, and emotion; within him there is an endless amount of excitement and inventive ideas.  Yes these two are very different, but they are both strong willed and have confidence.  This is what will keep them together. Where there is enough will, the heart's wisdom can always find a way.

Leo Woman - Aquarius Man

She felt herself drawn to him like a magnet the first time she meet him.  She was no match for his dreamy Aquarian eyes.  She felt as light as a cloud the first time she looked into them.  Being the proud Leo she is, she did her best to resist, but it did her no good.  She was swept away by this breezy Air Sign element and taken to the sky to sit amongst the stars.  Everything in this relationship started as rainbows, and unicorns, and butterflies..... oh my.  She loved being in his electric blue aura that's a little awkward, but so refreshing. 

He oddly felt the same way the first time he meet her.  He loved everything about her from the way her toes were shaped, all the way to her adorable nose.  He loved being in her glowing hot orange aura that is as fiery and blinding as the sun.  She behaved as a queen, an angel, a sweet hummingbird.  Her smile could melt him from across the room.  She was hot flaming passion, but somehow as cool as a lemon popsicle in the mid-summers heat.

Was that the sound of thunder I just heard?  Did I just feel a rain drop on my face?  Uh oh... looks like a storm is coming.  Heat lighting, rolling thunder, torrential rain.  His air creates a tornado and her fire whips around with it destroying their perfect heaven.  She calls him stuffy, stingy, and sarcastic while he yells back that she is rude, regal, and resentful.  Wait... what the hell just happened???

Polarities happened (please see previous blog post for further understanding of polarities).  These two sit directly opposite of one another on the karmic wheel.  Whenever this happens to any sign, there is always an instant attraction.  Opposites definitely attract, especially in the case of this Leo woman and Aquarius man.  She just needs to remember to not envy him but imitate the things he does well that she lacks.  He needs to realizes that if he tried a little harder he could acquire her gracefulness which would truly bless his personality.  That's what opposition is all about... not fighting but blending.  What these two need to stay away from is trying to top one another constantly.  It must be a consistent effort on both ends of give and take. 

It's funny because I have observed that most Leo women tend stay away from Aquarian women, but are inexplicably attracted to Aquarian men.  He just makes her want to let her hair down and run through a meadow of flowers with him in both an imaginative and realistic way.  The two things she envies most about this man is his freedom of expression, and his ability to be detached and unemotional because her passions tend to rule her reasoning which can lead her, at times, to regret her decisions.  Maybe if she became close to him and a part of him, she could get to know his tricks?

She baffles him by giving him hope that there is more to a relationship than just an intellectual conversation.  He looks at the Lioness as this mystical feline creature.  She makes him think of love and emotions (I can hear the Aquarian men gag when they read this part).  The Lioness makes his heart and body feel things he never thought he was capable of feeling.  What is this crazy spell she has over him?  He can't quite figure it out. 

He has never been this affectionate with a woman the way he has with her.  This makes her feel not only comfortably emotionally, but sexually as well.  Sometimes their sex can be so good that it ties their relationship together after they get into an argument.  In other words... they know the meaning of "makeup sex". 

One thing this man needs to remember is this woman not only appreciates compliments, she needs them.  Think of it like this;  she is a wild Lioness and compliments are her antelope.  Do you want to be in the same room as a Lioness who hasn't been feed in a week?  Didn't think so. The problem here is that Aquarian men, especially when in love, enjoy playing guessing games.  He finds it amusing to drop hints, clues, and suggestions by inviting her into his strange mind that most don't get to venture into.  He thinks that's enough to show her she's love.  You are wrong Aquarius..... you are so wrong.  She doesn't have time for that nonsense.  Just pay her the damn compliment.  Yes, this will be difficult for the Aquarian man because that's really not how he tends to go about things.  He just feels uneasy with expressing his deepest emotions, plus it's just so much more fun to make a joke. 

She will just have to remember that this man is unpredictable and eccentric.  The mere fact that he told her, "I love you" should give you great comfort in knowing he's serious.   He does not casually give out love.  You may be irritated with him for this, but remember my dear when he is holding hands with you in bed on a lazy Saturday morning that it is not what people say that matters, but what people do.  If you are too full of self pity because he didn't tell you that your hair looked nice that day, but he made you breakfast, it's time for a reality check sista. 

As far as doubts that this woman may have about her quirky Aquarius, just always remember that he told you, "I love you" and that he deeply truly meant it from his soul.

Leo Woman - Capricorn Man

This relationship may come as a shock to those who know these two when they first get together.  It seems puzzling to most because these two are very different.  People will whisper and speculate how and why these two are together, but neither of them care because Leos and Capricorns are not ones to take notice of gossip.  The Capricorn's friends will think... how could this conservative man be attracted to such an extravagant and over the top woman who expects and almost demands every one of her whimsical wishes granted?  See the Lioness, Queen of the Jungle, may look to her side or down at someone but will never look up.  The Leos friends will think... how could this warm hearted woman be attracted to such a cautious, penny pinching man who rarely pays compliments, frowns on luxury and doesn't even like attending loud crazy parties?  This guy has the most undramatic emotions and feelings.  What does she see in him?

Both groups of friends have great questions, but astrology has the answers.  These two actually have a lot more in common that meets the eye.  Lets break it down... 

The Capricorn man likes to marry up, socially that is.  They also desire to marry a woman who brings sunlight into his heart no matter how rough he can come off.    This man also has the driving determination to reach the top.  Capricorns have fantastic work ethic.  They can be periodically lazy, but only because they work so hard in every other aspect of their life.  His sense of loyalty matches hers to a T as well.  His patience is also so wonderful for her fiery temper and can make her relax and feel secure when she is spinning out of control. 

The Leo woman loves to have some status and prestige no matter how great or small it may be.  She has sunlight for days and is loved by all.  She always tends to lead the conversation in social settings.  The Lioness must be with a mate that she can respect, a man who isn't lazy and is an achiever.  She needs someone who has patience with her irrational and sometimes dramatic nature.  She needs someone who will never hurt her ego in public settings and will care for her, not only financially but emotionally as well.  She needs care yet freedom of behavior.  This can be tricky for most men. 

Makes a lot more sense when you break it down like that now doesn't it?  Please remember though that these two are Earth and Fire.... they will have to WORK for compatibility.  He will say she is smug, spoiled, and selfish and she will say he is cold, cruel, and stingy.  Just like other posts I have written about before, you have to learn to take the good with the bad.  Realize your strengths and weaknesses and work with them.  Never work around them.  The Lioness is graceful, gracious and generous... remember that when you call her and she's at a party she failed to mention to you.  You see, that may upset a Capricorn man because he doesn't care too much for competition when it comes to his mate.  She really just wants to get out and wear a glittery tiara and talk to everyone with a pulse, and he may think she is getting "unnecessary" attention.... Chill out Capricorn! The key word here is COMPROMISE!  The Capricorn man will have to learn to give her freedom.  Remember that loyalty is VERY important to Leos.

Hold on there Your Royal Highness... I haven't got to you yet.  You need to compromise too!  Remember that making decisions with your mate is respectful and comforting to your Capricorn man.  Leo women are genuinely kindhearted so sometimes it is hard for them to remember to tell people that their intentions are pure. Sometimes, and especially for a Capricorn, it's just nice to hear. 

Overall, her nobility is what he loves about her, and her generosity and forgiveness softens him.  Eventually these traits will soften his caution, so be patient Leo and his questioning will become fewer as his trust in you grows.  These two may not have a whole lot in common, but they can grow with one another and that is exciting.  He needs her warmth and courage and she needs his strength and stability.  That in itself is beautiful. 

Leo Woman - Cancer Man

The Crab and the Lioness.  These two both powerful in very different ways.  Whenever you mix Fire and Water, it can get a little tricky, but if done properly can create a lovely steam bath.  If these two work hard they can exchange a lot of learning from one another, but if not careful, can destroy each other (please refer to previous post of mixing elements for further detail).  His shifty moods can annoy her or even anger her, but the Leo woman has a huge heart and is quick to forgive especially when in love.  Unfortunately, Cancers tend to hold onto things for dear life.  If he could learn from his Lioness how to let go, he would be a much happier man. 

Don't let me scare you away from this Cancer man, he is gentle, sensitive, and more considerate to her than any other man she has ever known.  He is not controlling and lets her have her way most of the time because he really does care about her feelings.  The Lioness will feel protected from the insensitive, rude, and vulgar people who have offended her and her beautiful ego in the past and present.  When she is with him she hasn't felt this cherished since she was a child.  At last she finds a man that adores her.  All of this being said, there is still something about their relationship that worries her.  Something that she cannot define.  Almost as though a little voice inside her head is warning her of something.  Warning her of what though?

That little something is her feeling of him being a Cardinal sign (please read previous post on Quadruplicity for further detail).  That means behind his politeness, sweet laugh and wonderful sense of humor, he subtly manages everything in his life.... including her.  He will never project a poor temper or act as a chauvinistic pig, he will just expect her to follow his gentle lead.  Leo women are never intimidated by a direct challenge, in fact it amuses them. 

When you meet this couple you will not believe what I just wrote above.  You will see her huge fiery aura dripping in jewels and covered in sparkles.  Her laugh and presence can fill an entire room, you may not even notice that he is there.  Just remember, that behind the scenes he is actually running the show.  98% of the time he will give in to her fancies and every wish. As far as the other 2%, Her Royal Highness better back down when the Cancer man's caution overrules her impulsiveness.

This man is kind, sensitive, sympathetic, and mild because after all he is a water sign.  Just don't ever forget he is also a Cardinal sign.  If the leadership aspect of his sign scares you but you like the rest, go find a Scorpio or Pisces my dear.  Although the Pisces will not have the dependability of the Crab and the Scorpio has that sting that you must tread so lightly around.  Your man will never sting you, he may crawl in his shell for a couple of days, but he will not sting you.  That sounds better... doesn't it?

You are the sun and he is the moon.  You may have the day, but let him take the night.... capiche? Speaking of day and night, the Lioness may also get this crab to come out of his shell during the day.... intimately that is.  She will bring light to this watery man's ideas.  Love making is not just for the night time, especially for a Leo.  Physicality he is poetic, perceptive and deep and she is fiery and intense yet still and serene like a hot summers day.  Mix the two together and you get quite the cocktail. 

When these two decide to get married she must remember one thing.... his mother is always a saint.  Cancer men LOVE their mothers, so if you two don't see eye to eye you may want to work on that.... like now.  A cancer man marries for permanency and the Lioness always takes great pride in being the Queen Wife.  He must let her rule something in this household, after all she is queen of the jungle.  And she will, she will rule her children.  Cancer men make wonderful fathers and Leo women make incredible mothers.  Together, family life will be beautiful and important to them both in similar and different aspects. 

Cancer has an affectionate heart and Leo a generous one.  So Cancer, crawl out of your shell and Leo, swallow your pride because the Lioness does not feel comfortable in the ocean and the Crab does not fit well in the jungle.  Meet each other half way, meet in each others arms where Water and Fire defy the laws of the elements and blend.

Virgo Woman - Capricorn Man

The Virgo woman is anything but desperate to be in a relationship.  In fact, the idea of changing her entire lifestyle to fit someone else's sounds quite terrible to her.  She is much more comfortable being in a relationship that is looked highly upon by society, so marriage is something that's very important to her, but she feels like it is a duty to get married.  It feels a little pressured, the thought of marriage, but she is a Virgo.  She will always keep her feet on the ground and her temper cool.  Whenever this woman has a problem she usually hashes it out with herself which is why most Virgos you meet they bite their nails.  Their hamster wheel is ALWAYS going.  Laundry, work, children, sex, cleaning, dishes, cooking, fights with her husband... all of these things make them anxious especially the fighting part.  Virgos get very uncomfortable in fights.  It tends to make them nervous.  Even though Virgos are extremely clean and tidy, not every single one of them are made for homemaking.  Some Virgos believe that the idea of marriage is for the weak minded and that it is not all that its cracked up to be.  However, the idea of being alone and not being able to experience life's great adventure with someone makes her sad.  Even though you will never hear them say it out loud, they enjoy being needed. 

If the man that she is in love with is a Capricorn all of her analyzing is a waste of her time.  Nine times out of ten, this man will make her an extremely respectable wife.  Most Capricorn men want family life, and put great importance that his children are raised in the absolute best environment possible.  Another reason this Virgo lady will not be able to resist marriage with this man is by the power of the planets.  Both of them are Earth signs and are considered one of the best matches in the zodiac.  Don't get me wrong, they will still have to work on it like everyone else, but this will be natural and easy. 

When these two first meet there was without a doubt a karmic tug.  My Virgo friend and her Capricorn boyfriend have been together nearly four years now.  From the first day they meet, they haven't gone a day without speaking to one another.  Things happened fast with them, but it was not overwhelming because it was as though they had known each other all their lives.  That's just how it is with this match.  Their auras will just blend and lock, and they will just understand each other instantly. It is difficult to get these two apart.  About as hard as it is to untangle a knotted necklace because they communicate so beautifully, and truly enjoy being around one another. 

These two will go out, unless its a school or work night that is, but they prefer to stay at home with one another and work on a project or make love.  They enjoy both of those activities a lot.  When she is in this mans arms she loses all her worry, coolness and detaches from her inhibitions.  He feels similarly while with her.  Whenever she is securely against his chest he feels so deeply in love that it is almost overwhelming.  When two Earth signs get together its powerful, somewhat like an earthquake. 

I spoke earlier about Virgo women not always being the best homemakers... let me expand on that.  When a person hates living in disorder, they don't enjoy always having to keep things in perfect order.  It can be exhausting for these pristine characters.  Right after they mop the floors and wash the dishes and make the beds, someone is walking in the house with muddy shoes, or eating in the kitchen again, or jumping on the beds.  You see, all Virgos are perfectionists in one way or another.  My mother is an absolute picture perfect Virgo, and a prime example of this.  She used to say that after dinner the kitchen was closed, there were absolutely NO shoes allowed in our house, and she used to pick lint off of our carpet.  My father used to force us to do chores like cleaning the bathroom which was pointless because she would go right in after us and redo it.  We never did a good enough job.  My brothers and I always joke that we will put "Did Wash Your Hands?" on her gravestone.  Even though my mother is neurotic about her house, she doesn't enjoy housecleaning.  If everything could just stay perfect without her ever having to touch a mop or a broom again, her dreams would come true.  Kind of strange, but that's just how Virgo women are. 

You wouldn't pin a Capricorn man as "sensitive", but with her he really is.  He understands and is patient with her neurotic behavior.  He understands her critical nature because he is actually quite critical on himself as well.  He never comes out and says it nearly as much as she does, but deep down he is always thinking about ways to make himself a better man.  Capricorn men have some of the best work ethic I have ever seen.  They are climbers. 

I have made these two sound as though their relationship is perfect.  It is not.  These two earthly beings have their spats, usually because she is nagging him about something.  This man does not enjoy being nagged.  No man likes it, but this one especially.  Another reason is because this woman is always on the go.  If she's not reading something, she's working out.  If she's not working out, she's cleaning.  If she's not cleaning, she wants to have a conversation about the latest thing she learned in the book she's reading.  Remember what I said earlier about her hamster?  He likes to either be going 100% or resting 100%.  He's not lazy, that's just how he does things.  One thing that she may get irritated with is his "me first" attitude.  She may even break things off with him because of this, but these two can't stay away from each other long.  She will miss the way she feels in his arms, his gruff sense of humor, and even his grumpy moods. 

After these two quarrel all she wants is to lay with him in bed, with her head on his chest and listen to the rain softly fall on the roof.  She remembers how much she loves being his.  She closes her eyes and her rapid mind slows.  She even forgets about that dirty dish in the sink.