Gemini Woman - Cancer Man

They are both good talkers, Gemini and Cancer.  Cancer has an extremely good memory, and Gemini has great wit and charm.  The two of them have conversations like a good game of tennis, back and forth back and forth.  After that they will whip out the camera and start snapping away.  They both share a love of photography along with Leo and Pisces.  Another similarity between these two is is that their auras are every color of the rainbow because they are both so incredibly moody (the picture above is so perfect for this post).  Cancer will dip from the deep blues of depression to their lavender-hued rosy pink laughter.  Gemini will jump from her bright yellow cheer to her dark purple pit of despair.  When their auras mix its like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.  They are both big dreamers and have vivid imaginations, and both adore attention.  They are also both inclined to laugh in public, and cry in private.

With all of these things that they have in common you must be thinking that it is hard to tell them apart. It is NOT.  It is about as hard as telling a bird apart from a crab.  Yes they are both frequently amusing and both change their mood without warning, but these two have their definite differences.  They are as different as night and day, as different as north and south.  Gemini is mutable and an air sign, while Cancer is Cardinal and a Water Sign.  Geminis prefer to dart around all over and talk about all their ideas and dreams.  Cancers do not enjoy communicating their secrets and prefer to run the show.  They do not do things as loudly as a Gemini, but they are still running the show.

In friendship, business, love, and relationships Gemini women do not cling.  They hold onto everything loose and casually, they let go too easily and sometimes too soon.  Cancer hangs onto things for dear life.  They like the familiarity of what they have that feels comforting and familiar.  Cancer men love their home, a good comfort food meal, and 99% of them are mama's boys.  They are impressionable and sensitive men and when pushed into their shell the Gemini woman can usually sweet talk them out.

When Cancer's possessiveness crosses with Geminis constant need for freedom the clash can cut their dreams and relationship.  You see there are two or more women inside of every Gemini woman.  One that will want to stay closely by his side, and one that will want to gallivant around and do whatever pleases her.  He will not be fond of that.  They may also run into spending problems as well.  However, if he has enough emotional security he will not need as much financial security.  Her tendency to spend is because she finds more excitement in spending money than saving it.  When she has more freedom and emotional challenge she will not feel a need to spend as much.  See how that can get a little tricky for them?

In the bedroom he supplies the sensuousness and affection while she supplies imagination and variety.  It will very rarely become repetitive.  There is something very delicate and gentle the way she seeks his affection.  Most Cancer men do not like sleeping without a light on, but with her he will find that the darkness is his friend.  He will love feeling her head resting on his shoulder and because of this she will become calmer, quieter, and more at peace with everything in her life.

Once their love is declared for one another SHE will be the one to shower him with gifts.  At first he won't know how to take this right away, but he will timidly show his friends because it proves that he is loved by her.  When a Cancer man feels loved he will show boundless and bottomless love to her.  He will always treat her like a lady, and this will bring her to tears of joy.  Despite what most think, a Gemini woman is a realist despite her constant changing moods.

Gemini women are mental wanderers, drifters, cut loose from all ties, emotionally homeless, lost and seeking the eternal child.  A Cancer is the eternal father who is protective, warm, and comforting.  No wonder these two are drawn to one another.  

Leo Woman - Sagittarius Man

The Leo woman is utterly fascinated with the Sagittarius man.  It may be their boyish charm, their insanely good sense of humor, or the wisdom they have collected combined with generosity and independence.  Sagittarius men value honesty and integrity and naive faith that matches your own.  A Leo woman is noble and loyal and not as naive as the Sagittarius when it comes to most things.  Yes, the Leo woman is royal and a prime example of womanhood at it's finest.  Sometimes she can be a royal pain in the ass, but this woman is a true prize.

One problem that the Sagittarius man may have is poking too much fun at her royal highness.  The Lioness loves fun and games, but when you constantly tease her as though she is your kid sister she may come at you with her claws.  Treat this her like the woman that she is.  A Leo woman is sleek and graceful, she is sunny and warm, wise and sensible.  However, she possesses a very sensitive ego and a very high sense of pride. She is after all the Queen of the Jungle!

The Sagittarius man is brave and courageous.  He is probably one of the most brave signs in the zodiac.  He will enjoy spoiling her, and he will enjoy conquering her problems for her.  Sagittarian men are quite a chivalrous sign those half horse-half man archer.  He will gladly give her the respect she deserves.  He will never look down on her, but will never look up to her either.  He looks to her as his equal.

Being that these two signs are both the element of Fire, they both have a tendency to be quick to anger.  But his anger, like hers, is soon to be replaced with apologies and heartfelt regret.  She is slower to forgive and forget because Leo is a Fixed Sign, but his charm will most likely get him out of anything.

These two will have NO PROBLEM in the bedroom.  Their fiery attraction for one another is undoubtedly scalding.  They can be gentle as a summer rain, or wild and primal. This man is a clown, and she is a beautiful lioness. Together they can create the greatest circus show on earth, always fun and entertaining.  Once they have loved each other completely and have truly given themselves to one another; nothing will break them.  Even if he gets so mad at her that he says harsh things and leaves her behind, he will miss her terribly and remember her sunshine and warmth matched with her cool poise.  There is nothing strong enough in him to resist this woman.

Words of advice:  Leo women, do not command but guide. Sagittarius men, do not tease but love honestly.  When these two courageous and generous signs can cooperate and have patience with each others need for independence, it will never rain on their circus parade.