The Virgo Boss

If anyone can manipulate complicated projects and see them through without any disastrous mistakes, it's a Virgo. They are excellent at taking a mess and tying all of the lose ends. They are miraculous at putting together a plan, but they need to do it in privacy and on there own time. If you walk past your Virgo boss' door, don't be put off by the fact that it is shut. They do their best work when they are alone. Something else you must understand about a Virgo boss is that they are just going to say it like it is. A Virgo boss calls a turnip a turnip, and sometimes becomes surprised when people get upset that they didn't pretend it was a tulip. They don't play the political games as well as some of the other signs, not because they can't but because they won't. A lot of times they will miss being the machinery of the business, so to appease this by taking a very hands on approach. They are VERY dedicated to their work, and will see any potential uncharted dangers ahead, upside-down and backwards.

You will have to be alert and on your toes if you are looking for a promotion from your Virgo boss. They do not accept sloppiness in any form. Accept their critical nature with care, and just don't make mistakes. It's really quite simple. Once you have adjusted to their perfectionist attitude, you will find that they are extremely kind-hearted and fair. Sick leave will be understood, sloppy reports will not. Keep your desk clean, and your skirt length appropriate. Got it?

Both my Executive (male) and my Vice President (female) are Virgoans. They never have a hair out of place and are both extremely tactful. Being the mutable signs that they are, they are extremely good at speaking and communicating what they want from you. Although they can be critical at times, it is constructive and coming from a place of care. They are always up for helping me with whatever I need with their hands on approach, and will go to bat for me in the blink of an eye.

Your Virgo boss may be the one who is chewing on Tums all day from anxiety because their heads are filled with numbers, facts and figures but remember their soul is full of compassion. If you give your Virgo boss the respect and support that they deserve they will never hurt you. Even if you may not feel like words of encouragement would be appreciated by your Virgo boss, try and you will touch them to their core.

Polarities and Your Cosmic Cocktail

Woohoo!  We are finally there.  We are at the last part of the basics of the Zodiac.  After today you will have comprehension of Quadruplicities, the Elements, and Polarities.  Let's dive in and get into the third dimension...

Have you ever seen a yin and yang symbol before?  I would venture to say that most of you have.  Black and white, negative and positive, feminine and masculine: OPPOSITES.  That is what the Polarities are all about.  The twelve signs are split into 2 groups - half being negative and half being positive.   If you look at the wheel below, you will see that the positive and negative energy signs alternate giving the wheel complete balance.

Masculine - Positive - Yang
Key Words: Assertive, Pioneering, Aggressive, Dynamic, and Idealist
Sun Signs:  Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Feminine - Negative - Yin
Key Words:  Receptive, Magnetic, Secretive, Strategic, and Reflective
Sun Signs:  Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces

I can hear the men out there in a tizzy because I called them feminine... RELAX, I'm not done explaining yet.  If you are a man with a feminine sign, such as Capricorn, you aren't any less of a MAN.  These influences are very subtle.  It very simply means that you have a very charming way about you that attracts others TO YOU rather than to GO OUT and sell your ideas aggressively.  Are the men okay now?  May I continue?

When it comes to the polarities and love, the world is divided up into lovers and beloveds.  Lovers (masculine) impose their ideas on the world, and beloveds (feminine) pick and choose among the ideas presented.

Now that we have explained everything thoroughly of the three components that make up your Sun Sign, it is time to put them together.  It is time for a cocktail...

Fire - Positive (Masculine) - Cardinal
You are an inspirational, aggressive, dynamic leader

Earth - Negative (Feminine) - Fixed
You are secretive, reflective, and a strategic organizer

Air - Positive (Masculine) - Mutable
You are an intelligent, aggressive, dynamic, and idealistic communicator

Water - Negative (Feminine) - Cardinal
You are a sensitive, secretive, reflective, and strategic leader

Fire - Positive (Masculine) - Fixed
You are an inspirational, aggressive, dynamic, and idealistic organizer

Earth - Negative (Feminine) - Mutable
You are secretive, reflective, and strategic communicators

Air  - Positive (Masculine) - Cardinal
You are intelligent, aggressive, dynamic, and idealistic leader

Water - Negative (Feminine) - Fixed 
You are a sensitive, secretive, reflective, and strategic organizer

Fire - Positive (Masculine) - Mutable
You are an inspirational, aggressive, dynamic, and idealistic communicator

Earth - Negative (Feminine) - Cardinal
You are a secretive, reflective, and strategic leader

Air - Positive (Masculine) - Fixed
You are an intelligent, aggressive, dynamic, and idealistic organizer

Water - Negative (Feminine) - Mutable
You are a sensitive, secretive, reflective, and strategic communicator

Although there are still a lot of basics to learn about such as the order of the Zodiac, the parts of the body that each sign rules, and the houses... we will get into those throughout the course of this blog.  It was important for me to explain the three main components so that throughout the blog you understood what I was talking about.  You have to learn how to walk before you can run.

I fulfill requests that I have received from blog readers such as relationship pairings, what kind of boss you are, and get into even further depth on your particular sun sign.  If you want me to write about ANYTHING, please let me know on  For example if you are a female Capricorn and he is a Leo male and you want to know what astrology has to say about your relationship WRITE ME!!!    I will write about the topics in the order in which I receive the requests.

Blending the Elements

Blending the Elements

Now that you understand about the elements in their separate respects from the last post, what happens when you blend them? In your every day life you most likely interact with all of the elements once, if not several times whether in passing or with the people in your every day life. To understand the positives, negatives, and how to control your natural element will just add to your awareness...

Fire and Fire
When fire meets fire, it results in higher heat and hotter flames. It may even cause an explosion that damages all in its path that can consume everything and burn out quickly - or it can light the darkness with its positive glow. This control lies in the decision of the torch holder.

Air and Air
When air meets air, there are no barriers and things flow with ease. The blend of these two mental signs can add up to a beautiful uplifting and intellectual experience. However, if one air is hot and the other cool it can be whipped into a frantic tornado.

Earth and Earth
When Earth meets Earth, they can build themselves in to a tall mountain symbolizing faith and steadfastness - or it can be a dry desert containing no life. When two Earth signs rub each other the wrong way it can cause a damaging earthquake.

Water and Water
When water meets water, there is no resistance causing things to flow into a stream of enlightenment. However, too much water can create a flood drowning all life around.

Fire and Air
Air feeds fire and causes it to burn even brighter, but too much can push it into a frenzy or blow it out completely. If the Fire is overbearing it can use all of the oxygen in the air making it impossible to breath.

Fire and Earth
Most of the times you will be able to figure out which is stronger of the two elements. Earth remains where it is unless moved by someone else, where fire creates its own course. Fire can scorch Earth but can never destroy it. Earth can support fire by giving it a foundation to burn upon but remember if a flame is covered by dirt, it can put out the hottest Fire.

Fire and Water
With a lot of heat fire can evaporate a small amount of water or create it to steam. On the other hand, large amounts of water can put out flames. Instinctively, Fire respects or fears Water and vice versa. Both of them understand the danger of one another. They know that they could completely destroy each other.

Earth and Air
Earth contains Air and needs it. However, Air does not contain earth and does not need it. Earth is obligated to remain where it is and only moves in the event of a quake, where as Air moves freely above it choosing wherever it wants to go. Wind can destroy things with its tornado forces, but it is temporary - the Earth protects the roots in its soil, and things will always return to grow.

Earth and Water
Water is always flowing to find its home. It can find it within the Earth by soaking into it which is a blessing to the Earth because it creates life such as plants, trees, and flowers. Without the enrichment of Water the Earth would be a baron desert. These elements were designed to need each other. However, too much water can create mud which nothing can grow in - and too little water would get lost within the dry dirt.

Air and Water
Air stirs, turns, and can cause waves in the water but then quickly moves away giving the water no control. When Water penetrates the Air it causes moisture and the process creates rain which is needed for life and rebirth in which Air has no control over. There is no choice of these things occurring in either of the elements, so it is better if they just enjoy the ride.

I am sure that by reading the blends above that the keyword is balance, consciousness  control, and restraint.  Becoming self aware of your own strengths and weaknesses is enlightening.  Having the ones around you support them is strengthening.  Each element is gifted with a force , that if used improperly, can hurt others even of our own element.  Remember to respect and love those around you, even if they are very different, to create a harmonious blend.  

Do you see how understanding the elements really does add another dimension? The composition of each of the 12 signs is made up by quadruplicity + the elements + polarities = your composition or what I like to call your "cosmic cocktail". Tomorrow we will go into 3D by learning about the polarities, and then you will be ready for YOUR "cosmic cocktail". Stay tuned!

The Elements - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

After learning about the 3 modes yesterday, lets add another dimension by understanding the 4 elements. By understanding these, you will add a further basic keyword interpretation...

Have you ever meet someone with a fiery personality that demands attention the moment they walk into the room?  Have you ever meet someone that is just so practical and down to earth?  How about someone that stimulates your mind with their articulate? What about a friend of yours that is emotional and deep?  I am sure that you have people in your life that fits one, if not all of these descriptions.  This post is going to explain the differences of each of the 4 elements, and how they can influence certain behavioral traits;
Fire (Inspirational)
Aries - Cardinal
Leo - Fixed
Sagittarius - Mutable

Earth (Material)
Taurus - Fixed
Virgo - Mutable
Capricorn - Cardinal

Air (Mental)
Gemini - Mutable
Libra - Cardinal
Aquarius - Fixed

Water (Emotional/Sensitive)
Cancer - Cardinal
Scorpio - Fixed
Pisces - Mutable

Lets get into the specifics of each of these elements so that you can really understand their complexities...

Fire signs have an explosive, enthusiastic, and energetic nature to them.  They are the life of the party and adventurous. Their energy burns bright and furious.  Have you ever meet someone with a "big personality"?  They are most likely a fire sign.  They are typically loud, wild, and fun.  My great friend is a Leo and when she walks in the room she literally lights it up with her huge fiery Ora.  Her mother is a Sagittarius and she has quite the personality to match!

Earth signs are characterized as practical and have a steady and sensuous nature.  They are very reliable and efficient.  There is a sense of calmness that you get when you are around these earthly beings because they are so grounded.  They are material in how things feel to the touch and this is very important to them. These people also love comfortable and practical surroundings You will never meet a Taurus with an uncomfortable bed.  My Capricorn friend never wears socks because she does not like the way they feel on her feet. My Virgo boyfriend bought five different hair products to find the one that texturizes his hair the correct way. My Virgo mother's house is always spotless.

Air signs have a very thoughtful and intellectual nature.  These people's heads are always in the clouds, but they have clarity of thought and are very good at strategizing.  There is a certain lightness and playfulness to these celestial beings and when you meet them they can really be a breath of fresh air and even float as they walk.  Because of their constant movement as an element, they can typically tend to have struggles with committing to things.  Things are very nonchalant for them, but if they need to come down to Earth and lay down the law, they can play that card as well.  However, they prefer to spend their time in the sky - besides, the view is quite beautiful way up there.

Water signs tend to have a very sensitive, and compassionate nature.  They are also the most gifted with intuitive and perceptive abilities.  They make a lot of their decisions based on their emotion. I am sure how you can see how that can be a beautiful yet destructive way to live if not carefully done.  They love and live hard and their passion, depth and spiritualism is unmatched. Their imaginations are usually vivid especially if you are a dreamy Pisces. I have a beautiful Cancer girl friend who is incredibly nurturing and loving.  You can literally see the emotion in her blue water-like eyes when she talks to you, especially if you are discussing something that ties to any kind of emotion.  When I want to talk to someone who emotionally feels for me, she is my go to.

Do you see how adding the mode (yesterdays post) to the element creates a 2nd dimension... pretty cool huh?  Well what happens when you mix any of the 4 components - harmony, disaster... maybe a little bit of both?  One of the questions I get a lot is, "Is it bad if I date the same sign?"  My answer is no, IF you learn to control your element.  There is something called too much of a good thing.  Check in tomorrow to see how you BLEND

Quadruplicity - Leaders Organizers Communicators

Have you ever been told that you are a natural born leader, that you are a great communicator, or that you are really organized? Ever think that this may have to do with your sun sign? My guess is probably not, but it does!

There are 3 personality types of the zodiac and you will see that each element is assigned one(we will be going over elements in my next post). These personality types are called quadruplicities or "modes", all of which are listed below;

Cardinal Signs (Leaders)
Aries - Fire
Cancer - Water
Libra - Air
Capricorn - Earth

Fixed Signs (Organizers)
Taurus - Earth
Leo - Fire
Scorpio - Water
Aquarius - Air

Mutable Signs (Communicators)
Gemini - Air
Virgo - Earth
Sagittarius - Fire
Pisces - Water

Let's break these modes down a little further so that you understand them at a deeper level in how they use their sun sign's given energy...

Cardinal signs are your natural born leaders and your self-starters. These signs begin each of the seasons and are excellent and getting things moving. They are the ones who "GO". They tend to give out a lot of energy by being very assertive and influential. They promote change sometimes for others, but mostly for their own sake. They like to be at the head of the pack and typically dominate most situations.
*Example - My Libra friend is as soft spoken as a turtle dove, yet she is strong leader in so many ways. She is EXTREMELY convincing without being pushy and is constantly an advocate for anyone to change their life for the better.

Fixed signs are your organizers and the ones who are steady. These signs prefer to keep their energy contained by leaving their environment as it is. They were born at a time when the seasons were in full swing. They are extremely consistent people in that they conserve their energy use. Ever heard the saying, "people are creatures of habit"? They must have made that saying for the fixed signs. Fixed signs tend to be very hard workers, but at times can be very resistant to change. 
*Example - Two of my previous roommates are both Leos, they actually share the same birthday, and they most definitely had a routine in their daily tasks. RARELY did they change the way they did certain things like the way they would put their make up on or the way they did their laundry. Being a fixed sign myself, if I walk into a place that is unorganized I get anxiety. We love ORDER.

Mutable signs are your communicators or your chatter boxes as they may say. These signs both give out and keep energy making them unstoppable and most flexible in all environments. They were born at a time when the seasons were transitioning and changing. They have the gift to be able to be content with their environment as well as having the need to control it. This can be a blessing and a curse by causing indecisiveness at times.
*Example - One of my best friends is a Gemini and my boyfriend is a Virgo, both of them are extremely indecisive yet can morph into any social setting and be completely comfortable. Ask either one of them to talk about a certain subject and you will be completely entertained, ask them to make a specific decision and they will change their mind at least three times, while telling you why of course. It's endearing.... most of the time.

All in all just remember that each quadruplicity is special and has certain strengths and certain weaknesses.  Take a look around and see what mode is predominately at your place of work, or how the modes tend to give the people in your family certain "roles".  How much of this can you apply to the people you know?  More than you expected I bet.  "Like" and write about it in my new Facebook page  I am going to go re-organize my closet.

The Basics

They say that the "Happy Birthday" tune may be the most played in the history of all songs.  Honoring the importance of ones birth has been ingraned in us sonce the dawn of time.  There is something very special about each and every single person's birth.  At the moment you drew your first breath, the stars and planets were in line with the sun in a very specific way, and have not been in that EXACT position since.  This specific placement is what makes someone's unique "chart".  For you to get an accurate chart you must know the date, time, and location of your birth. 

Although knowing your entire chart is very interesting, it can get very confusing for someone who does not know that much about astrology, so I will be focusing mainly on the sun signs.  You may be wondering, "What on earth is a sun sign?".  A sun sign is the particular zone or area of the zodiac that the sun was located at the time that you were born.  Now you are probably wondering, "What is the zodiac?".  The zodiac is the wheel, pictured above, of the order of the 12 sun signs.  Below is a list of the 12 signs in ORDER (we will talk about the order and its importance in a different post).

  • Aries the Ram - March 21st through April 20th
  • Taurus the Bull - April 21st through May 21st
  • Gemini the Twins - May 22nd through June 21st
  • Cancer the Crab - June 22nd through July 23rd
  • Leo the Lion - July 24th through August 23rd
  • Virgo the Virgin - August 24th through September 23rd
  • Libra the Scales - September 24th through October 23rd
  • Scorpio the Scorpion - October 24th through November 22nd
  • Sagittarius the Archer - November 23rd through December 21st
  • Capricorn the Goat - December 22nd through January 20th
  • Aquarius the Water Bearer - January 21st through February 19th
  • Pisces the Fish - February 20th through March 20th 

You may be wondering why you see your sun sign represented by odd squiggly lines at times.  These lines are called "glyphs".  A glyph is a symbol that was created for each of the astrological signs.  It is much easier to draw a glyph than the body of a half man half horse Saggitariun which is one of the reasons why they were created.  Each glyph has a meaning behind it that I will explain in further detail in an upcoming post.  You will find an example of each glyph below;

Some astrologers feel that knowing just your sun sign is useless and that you need to know your entire chart to be able to get any real value out of astrology.  I could not disagree more.  Yes, someone's sun sign is a generalization, but without a person's chart you can at least gather a general understanding of that person.  Isn't that way better than knowing nothing?  An individuals sun sign composes about 80 to 90% of their characteristics.  The other 10 or 20% is the rest of their chart that influences their sun sign.  Those other planets that are not your sun sign simply refine the details of your complex personality.  Got it?

In a way having someone tell you what their sun sign is, is like telling you where they are from.  Yes, it is general but I bet after talking to them for a minute you could tell whether they were from New York or Texas.  You would be able to differenciate by the way they spoke, dressed, and even by certain mannerisms.  After learning about the sun signs, you will be able to distinguish the specific differences of the sun signs in the same way.  Please take reasonable caution when applying the knowledge this blog will give you.  Never meet someone, learn their sign, and think you have them all figured out.   

Understanding the 12 sun signs can really bring light to people you know, and ones you are about to meet.  You may even soon feel closer to them.  You are on your way to understanding something that never made sense.  Isn't that wonderful?

The Beginning

So here it goes...

I wanted to start a blog about astrology.  If you know me at all you know that you have heard me talk about it at least once, if not several times.  Many of my friends will ask me what their sign is "like" or if their significant other's sign is a good match for theirs, which is exactly why I am writing this blog.  I have a group of INCREDIBLE girl friends that reflect their signs to a T; My deliberate Taurus, my restless Gemini, my nurturing Cancer, my confident Leo, my refined Libra, my secretive Scorpio, my dependable Capricorn and many more.  My relationships with them are unique and special in different ways which I truly believe has to do with their Sun Sign.  

At a young age there was something always very attractive about it to me.  I believe the first thing I had ever read about astrology was on Yahoo when I had dial up Internet in my basement.  I remember reading about what a Scorpio was like and thinking it was right on.  I have been hooked ever since.  Many people think that is is silly and ridiculous, but I believe that is because not a lot of people understand or know enough about it.  It may also come off as extremely complicated when you get into it, but it is really quite simple.  You can take everything I write about with a grain of salt, or you can take it straight to your heart;  either way it is simply for understanding yourself and others around you on a deeper and more intimate level.  

Many people who are religious may take this blog offensive which I understand.  I was raised in a very strict Christian household where astrology was "of the devil".  If you believe that to be true and you take this blog offensively, I apologize ahead of time.  I am personally a very strong Christian and have read more astrology than most, and have yet to see how astrology is taken as sacrilegious.  

In this blog I will be going over many things about astrology that you may have always wondered.  Things like polarities, elements, quadruplicities, the order of the zodiac, relationships, common physical characteristics, and occupations to name a few.  If you have a specific question for me that you may want to know I would be more happy to answer it for you, just let me know.  I hope this blog brings fascination, entertainment, and understanding of the Sun Signs in a Simple fashion.

Start Here

We must learn to walk before we can run... right?

This is a perfect place to start if you are wanting to learn about the specifics of each Sun Sign. 

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