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If You Are Curious...

Who I am - My name is Desiree.  I am a quad Scorpio as you can see on my birth chart pictured below.  I have a lot of Water and Fire in my chart which gives me one hell of a personality.  I was born and raised in Minnesota, and I am proud to be from the Midwest.  I currently live in Orlando, and I love it here.  I graduated from University of Central Florida.  Go Knights!  I have a really cool job that I was blessed with and worked really hard for.  I have the Scorpio glyph tattooed on my rib that also doubles as the "M" in my mother's signature, because I love my momma.

That's me! Get this shirt HERE.

Favorite constellations - Cassiopeia, Scorpio & The Seven Sisters

How did this all start? - I wanted a space to share my thoughts.  Many of my friends said that they were never a believer of Astrology before they met me, and that other people would love to know what I do.

How long have I loved the stars? - Since middle school I have been a believer.  I even painted my entire room dark blue when I was 12 so I could paint stars on the walls (thanks for letting me do that mom).  From that time on, I have read several books and observed many people to gain my experience.

What I love - My Gemini and Libra brothers, my identical twin Cancer sisters,  my Virgo mother, and my Gemini father.  I have the most amazing group of friends a girl could ask for, and I love my Chiweenie, Stitch.

My Vices - Shopping, Candles, Wine, and Astrology.  All of these things you can purchase on the Simply Sun Sign's SHOP.  Check it out!

Porte a Vie SextrologyBecause of my space in the universe here, I was recruited to be the resident Sextrologist at an Australian web site called Porte a Vie.  I write a monthly column for them that you have to go see for yourself!  If you like sex and you like astrology, you are going to love my articles there! 

Why do I write? - I believe that everyone is born with gifts.  I believe that if you know something you should share it with others to heighten awareness.  I believe understanding Astrology can change your life by making you a more perceptive person.  Knowledge gives one power.

Dedication -  Thank you to all my readers.  This is after all, all for you...

My Astrological Birth Chart... Now you will have me all figured out!


  1. I love your sight! Where has this little gem been, hiding and why am I just now finding it?!?!? I love astrology, I find it very interesting! I am also a Scorpio (11/7/87)! Go girl! I am bookmarking your sight right now! So glad I found this! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. Hey Krystal! Thank you so much for following my blog, and for your positive words. I am happy you like it. You and I are only 12 days apart in age, pretty cool. Love your Scorpio sister xo

  2. Really glad I found you through pinterest!

  3. I love your blog! Thank God I found you through Whitney! I was born on 22 May which makes me a (very proud) Gemini, and everything I've read about Geminis are SO true so far! Keep doing what you're doing! (I'm waiting to see what you have to say about the Gemini woman-Taurus man pairing :))

  4. Interesting to read, I am infatuated with Scorpios too nearly as much as your are infatuated with yourself. I'm a lobster haha with an Aqa moon, Love the fellow water signs though.
    Ps. What would you think happens between Can/Sco Conflict http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs49/f/2009/229/3/f/Crab_vs__Scorpion_by_DonyaQuick.jpg
    Is this a fair farrangment

  5. Arrangement*
    Thank you for your thorough publishings by the way

  6. OH MY GOD you are a genius!! I love your blog so much, it's great! The pictures are beautiful... and all the signs are so well analyzed... hahaha I laughed a lot -Leo:)

  7. I just want to let you know how much I love your website! I've always been fascinated by Astrology and your interpretations of each Zodiac sign and how unique each sign is. Not to mention Scorpio is one of my favorite zodiac signs even though I'm a Piscean. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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  10. Hello Desiree,

    My name is Shekhar from Pune, India. I'm an Astrologer and liked your website, pretty interesting! You can also, visit my website and let me know if you have anything to say.


  11. Love your spirit and your site. You and I would be besties if not for the distance. I am a libra-scorpio Oct 22 ;) ~blessings

  12. I love it! I'm also reading some books about astrology, because I like to read people. I found your blog simply amazing! :)

  13. I love so much Astrological Birth Chart and others topics is impress me a lot of .Thanks sharing your valuable astrology article if you have time please go western astrology.

  14. Hi, Desiree,
    Fellow Scorpio....beneath you to plagiarize so flagrantly...just read Scorp girl, Aquarius boy, and it was straight out of Linda Goodman, with a few words changed here and there...

  15. Hey! am a scorpio too.. so glad I came across your blog!!! hoping to read some interesting stuff in this space....