About Me

If You Are Curious...

Who I am - My name is Desiree.  I am a quad Scorpio as you can see on my birth chart pictured below.  I have a lot of Water and Fire in my chart which gives me one hell of a personality.  I was born and raised in Minnesota, and I am proud to be from the Midwest.  I currently live in Orlando, and I love it here.  I graduated from University of Central Florida.  Go Knights!  I have a really cool job that I was blessed with and worked really hard for.  I have the Scorpio glyph tattooed on my rib that also doubles as the "M" in my mother's signature, because I love my momma.

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Favorite constellations - Cassiopeia, Scorpio & The Seven Sisters

How did this all start? - I wanted a space to share my thoughts.  Many of my friends said that they were never a believer of Astrology before they met me, and that other people would love to know what I do.

How long have I loved the stars? - Since middle school I have been a believer.  I even painted my entire room dark blue when I was 12 so I could paint stars on the walls (thanks for letting me do that mom).  From that time on, I have read several books and observed many people to gain my experience.

What I love - My Gemini and Libra brothers, my identical twin Cancer sisters,  my Virgo mother, and my Gemini father.  I have the most amazing group of friends a girl could ask for, and I love my Chiweenie, Stitch.

My Vices - Shopping, Candles, Wine, and Astrology.  All of these things you can purchase on the Simply Sun Sign's SHOP.  Check it out!

Porte a Vie SextrologyBecause of my space in the universe here, I was recruited to be the resident Sextrologist at an Australian web site called Porte a Vie.  I write a monthly column for them that you have to go see for yourself!  If you like sex and you like astrology, you are going to love my articles there! 

Why do I write? - I believe that everyone is born with gifts.  I believe that if you know something you should share it with others to heighten awareness.  I believe understanding Astrology can change your life by making you a more perceptive person.  Knowledge gives one power.

Dedication -  Thank you to all my readers.  This is after all, all for you...

My Astrological Birth Chart... Now you will have me all figured out!