Aquarius Woman - Capricorn Man

She makes this guy get nervous, and he never gets nervous.  He never knows what she is going to do next, and there is something about her spontaneity that he truly adores.  You would not call him a very off the wall guy at all, but she is definitely unique.  She brings a lot of laughter and hilarity to his life that he never had before.  She is refreshing to him in so many ways.  She will love how he brings stability to hers; something she needs every so often.  She will also need to learn to love his family and friends pretty soon on.  A Capricorn's family and friends are literally everything to them. 

One thing these two will both have in common is their need for financial security together.  As time goes on in their relationship, he will look up to her more for advice.  She has this wisdom about her that he appreciates, and admires.  She will understand his grumpy moods, and know how to get him out of them seeing that she was probably a Capricorn in her previous life.  Seeing that she is Air and he is Earth, there will be many differences between them, and they will have adjusting to do.  The number one thing, as I mentioned earlier, that they will focus on together is security.  They will set goals with each other, and beautifully help one another reach them.  She is definitely the more adaptable and flexible out of the two of you, which will help with his stubborn streaks.  He dreads big changes, but she embraces them.  She understands that change is a part of life, and she looks at it in an exciting way.  He needs a lot of convincing though.  She loves meeting new people, while he has had the same 5 best friends since high school. 

She will have a way of looking like she is submitting to his every whim, but don't let her fool you.  She knows exactly what she is doing.  She knows that the right change at the right time can change everything to the way it should be.  Change to her can solve everything.  He may think it was his idea, but the whole time she has really been wanting it  too.  This woman is smart, really smart.  Yes, maybe a little sneaky too, but there is nothing wrong with that.  Women usually know what's best anyways.  After all, that was what attracted him to her in the first place; her intelligence.  Capricorn men cannot stand vulgar, ridiculous, aggressive women.  When he meets her, he will see so much truth in her eyes that he immediately respects.  He of course admires her statuesque beauty as well.  That surely helped him in the picking process.  There is something so wise and distant about Aquarian eyes.  They are so beautiful and far away. 

One thing that they could possibly argue about is her working.  Some Capricorn men have a really hard time seeing their woman work.  An Aquarian woman won't give him the choice.  This woman is the future, a true pioneer.  She wasn't meant to just sit around doing nothing.  She needs a purpose.  Just remember to always make it clear that he is the man in the relationship, and he will get over you working.  Tell him to get the hell out of the 1950's and get over it. 

She will make him laugh frequently.  Her thought process is kind of kooky, and she will say something so left field it will have him rolling.  Remember how I told you he isn't much into change, and she is?  Well, she likes to change the house up a lot; paint, furniture, rearranging, a new pet, etc.  At first this may give him an anxiety attack, but he will get used to it.  He is going to have to.  She is a Fixed sign which means she doesn't like to follow, but she doesn't need to lead; she just does her own thing without worrying about what others think.  He is a Cardinal sign meaning he DOES like and need to lead.  He likes being the head of the pack.  The good thing is that out of all of the Fixed signs, I would say Aquarius is the most changeable.  Because she is a fixed sign, it makes sense that she would go for a man that is so stable. 

If they do fight about anything, it will be about people that she doesn't care for too much, but that he insists should be in his life.  Regardless, her charm will have him out of his grumpy state in no time.  Sexually she is quite imaginative, and he is has an earthly sensuality.  She thinks that he takes sex too seriously at times, and he thinks she takes it too lightly at times.  Once they adjust, things will blend perfectly.  This is a relationship that deepens over time.  She will become more settled like him, and he will become more free and open with her.  As I have said before about the Capricorn man, they age backwards.  If you think about it, that is quite perfect for an Aquarius woman.  If he can let his inhibitions go, and if she can stay in one place just long enough; they can last an eternity.


Cancer Woman - Pisces Man

I have said this many times before, but understanding the connection between two water signs is hard to to grasp if you are not a water sign yourself.  There is a blending that is permanent to ones life once the relationship has started.  There is a depth that can only be felt by the emotions of two of these watery elements.  The emotions are so vividly felt by each person that it is almost as though they create a completely different world with one another.  Whenever water signs part from one another for whatever reason, it is life changing for both of them.  They will ache for one another with sincere sadness.  This is why most water signs end up back at each other's sides.  They realize how empty they feel without their love by their side.  A Libra man can never truly reach the emotional depth that a Cancer woman needs without having to come up for air frequently, and a Sagittarius woman can never truly understand a Pisces dreams the way another water sign could.  Not to say those other pairings are bad by any means; they are just very different.

These two signs will never lose one another even if they do break up.  They really will have a hard time living without one another.  So you must be wondering what could possibly break apart these two, or even have them in an argument at all.  Well, the Cancer woman loves security.  She not only loves it, she needs it both financially and emotionally.  The emotional part he has got down no problem, but the financial part is a maybe.  I have referred to Pisces men as whales and fish, and that is because some of them live in dream world 24/7 never turning their dreams into tangible reality.  Those are my "fish", and the Cancer woman will have a very hard time being with that type.  She wants a home, a family, and a good savings account.  He is very generous with his money giving it to friends and family whenever someone is in need, this will make her worry.  She likes to pinch her pennies tightly. 
One other struggle is one that they will have with each other's moodiness.  He will feel her pain, just like he feels everything else around him.  If she starts making him sad, they will both be two very somber sea creatures.  She doesn't absorb things like he does, she actually bounces them back outwardly.  Think of the Moon, which is the planet she rules, and how it reflects light off of it.  That is what she does with her shell.  She won't let any of it past her exterior, so when he is having a down day she may retreat as well.  They both need to learn how to bring each other out of sadness for this relationship to be successful. For her it will be his sensitivity, and for him it will be her humor.  Once they learn how to do this for each other they will be each other's strongest companions. 

When these two make love to one another, it will be something of great beauty and depth.  They understand what each other needs without saying a word.  They really become one person at this time, making them as close as they physically can be.  They will long to feel that close again immediately after separating.  These two are so beautifully in tuned with one another that their love feels new and fresh every time, even after decades of love.


Halloween Costume for your Sun Sign

Halloween is right around the corner so I thought to come up with some fun costume ideas for each Sun Sign.  I saw the Subway commercial where the girl dresses up in all the typical Halloween costumes, and I immediately thought to do this post. Yes, most of these are total cliches but they are classics!  Have fun reading, and have a safe and wild Halloween.

Freaky Firefighter
Fire, danger, and quick to respond; all perfect fits for an Aries!  Make sure to bring a hose to cool down, cause we know that you are sure to start things on fire.

Perky Pirate
Taurus loves booty.... the buried treasure kind that is.  So find yourself some swashbuckler gear and start grabbing all the booty you can find.

Beautiful Butterfly
Gemini is always flitting about in the wind, so a butterfly makes perfect sense for this Air Sign.  Find a sexy little getup, some glittery makeup, strap on a set of wings and you're good to go.

Naughty Nurse
Cancer is quite the caretaker, so this role should be easy for her to play.  You can sex this costume up with some knee high stockings and high heels.  Does someone need their temperature checked?

Kinky Kitty
The Queen of the jungle will play a frisky feline well; she is a Lioness after all.  Get a hot leopard outfit, and a set of kitty ears, and you will be the center of attention wherever you go.  Nothing new there!

Amorous Angel
Being angelic comes easy to the Virgo lady, being a naughty one is even more fun.  This classic costume can be done up or down for any party or night on the town.

Gregarious Greek Goddess
Aphrodite herself was surely a Libra, which is why this costume fits just right.  The sign of love will look ravishing in a gold leaf crown, and a soft pink draped gown.  She will look like she's floating right down the street.

Vixen Vampire
Vampires are known to be beautiful and magnetizing so that they are able to attract their pray; sounds like a Scorpio to me.  There is something dangerous and sexy about Vampires that Scorpios will love to play.

Foxy Fullback
Most Sagittarians are quite athletic.  They will also find it fun to tackle people, and yell "Go long" as they throw a football into a crowd.  She is a ball of fun, and loves playing games. 

Victorious Viking
This winter baby will love to play a sexy Viking.  Capricorns love giving that "don't mess with me" vibe off to people, while still looking sexy.  Capricorns are conquerors themselves, so this costume makes perfect sense.

  Amoral Alien
If this Sun Sign can be anything odd and unusual, you can sign them up.  An alien is a perfect fit for their off the wall personality, and there are so many fun wigs and costumes that you could use!

 Marvelous Mermaid
Mermaids never go out of style.  They are sexy sirens, and everyone wants to be one.  The Pisces pulls it off best with their watery and feminine personalities.


Gemini Woman - Aquarius Man

To him, she reminds him of fresh summer air.  She smells of citrus and sunshine.  She will melt his hardness with her laughter, grab his hand and they will take flight together.  He will be free with her, while still remaining the rock in the relationship.  She changes every day, but he will remain the constant for her.  I wouldn't say that by any means he is predictable, he is quite quirky himself.  She will finally meet someone that is as unpredictable as she is, which helps them understand each other on a deep level.

He will ask her out to dinner and a movie one night, and then show up to her house with a suit case in the back.  She will say, "why is there a suit case in your car?"  He will reply, "Because I decided we should go away for the weekend instead.  Go pack your bags!"  Most women would get flustered with the change of plans, but the Gemini woman doesn't mind at all.  In fact, she absolutely loves the spontaneity.  There is something refreshing and lovely about their craziness that most will never understand.  He loves to shock the hell out of people, but she is very intellectually quick so she can catch him most of the time.  He will love this about her, because it keeps him on his toes.

Sometimes she will feel like she is with a male version of herself.  He may even give her a dose of her own medicine at times.  They will encourage each others eccentric behavior to the max.  They will definitely have a lot of fun.  When he bothers her with her forgetfulness, or when she talks way too much, she will sweetly apologize and he will forgive her with no problem.  When he messes up, don't expect an apology, he is just not big on them.  It's not that he isn't sorry, he is just stubborn.

When it comes to sex with these two, it's not the most important thing in their relationship.  Mental stimulation is number one.  Whether they do it every day, or every once in a while; sex is sex.  What they need most in a partnership is communication.  That is how Air signs connect; through their minds and souls, not with their bodies.

One thing they also share in common is the fact that they most likely will have been engaged or married before they met each other.  Gemini likes to have at least two of everything in life, and Aquarius is way too curious to be with one woman his whole life.  When he meets her, he will feel like he is with many women, which is why she is quite perfect for him.  If she is his first love, she is in a lot of luck.  Aquarius men will always love their first love, because whenever an Aquarius experiences something for the first time they will always remember it.

He admires so much about this butterfly of a woman.  She is everything he could want all wrapped up in one ball of sunshine.  She is always changing, and there is something so inelligent yet innocent about her.  Something so happy yet so sad.  He feels like he has so much to teach her, and he can't help but want to be around her all of the time.  His electric blue aura blends with her multifaceted one creating every color you should think of. 


The Libra Woman

I have talked about the Libra Man before and I told you that Libra men are so attractive to women because they have the perfect touch of femininity to them.  Well Libra women are feminine, with the perfect touch of masculinity to them.  This Cardinal and masculine Sun Sign is ruled by the feminine planet of love Venus.  Two of my favorite ways to describe the Libra woman is whiskey in a teacup, or an iron fist in a velvet glove.  Even the sweetest pinkest rose has thorns my friends.  They are so strong, yet so feminine.  She may look like a pink cloud of sweet cotton candy that is so dainty and feminine, but her logic is that of a man's.  She will let you open the door for her, and will make you feel like the man in the relationship while controlling you with her dimpled smile that makes you succumb to her every wish.  You may be the man that says you will be the permanent bachelor, then you meet a Libra woman and the next thing you know you are walking down the aisle.

This lady loves a good debate, she even likes to fight with herself.  She will baffle you with her fairness, wit, and logic.  She likes things to be fair, and even.  She goes about her debates with such tact and eloquence that you almost have to agree with her.  When you ask her opinion on a topic of debate it will be rare when you get a straightforward answer.  She may even never come up with one solid side she agrees with after 30 minutes of talking about the topic.  However, if she does come up with a decision she will stick to it... today.
These women love to work.  They also love to shop.  They are tough ones to buy for because they are so particular, and they also have quite lavish taste.  They love their surroundings to be lovely and comfortable, so spending money on their home will also be important.  With all of this cash going towards their fashions and house, her second income will be necessary.  She doesn't mind at all though.  She will make a great and fair boss, and will easily climb the corporate ladder with her Cardinal qualities.

If you meet her man, he is probably something pretty special.  Once she chooses a partner, she will cherish him above all things.  This is one that really enjoys being in a relationship, and does her best work with someone at her side.  Librans are made for teamwork, and she will make your relationship a team effort.  She makes a great, supportive, and flexible partner in a relationship that will be strong for you all the way through.  This is not a woman who lets her emotions get the best of her, making her see many side of things.  She is a great person to go to for advice, because she will always give you both sides of the story unbiased, then letting you make your own decision.

If you are looking for a charming and smart woman to introduce to the people in your life, this may just be the one you are looking for.  It is hard to not like a Libra.  She is sentimental, sincere, and affectionate.  Being a woman is so natural for her that most women wish they could do it as well as her.  She is tough and soft somehow balancing both so gracefully all at the same time.

As a mother, she will be tender yet disciplined with them.  One thing though is that they will never come before you.  A typical Libra woman always keeps her partner as her number one in her life at all times.  If they are disobedient towards her she will put them in time out, but if they disrespect you they will get grounded.  She won't have her children treating her number one disrespectfully.  That is a quick way to see that iron fist in action.  She isn't the fondest of the idea of children at first, but once she has them she could not imagine her life without them.  Being quite a fashionista herself, her children will always be decked out in the cutest cloths.

There may be times where she can get bossy, or talk your ear off with her rambling debates; but I promise you that there is no other woman that can be baking you pink buttercream cupcakes one minute, and the next mowing the lawn.  Her sweet strength is well worth all of the tiny things that make you crazy.  Besides, when she flashes you that sugary dimpled smile you will forget all about what you were mad about in the first place.


Sun Signs & US Cities

I had really great feedback on the Sun Signs & The United States post; so I thought I would piggyback on that with a US City post.  These are cities accross our beautiful nation that are great for your Sun Sign.  Happy travels from your computer!

Santa Barbara, CA
San Fransisco, CA
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Portland, OR
Nashville, TN

Honolulu, HI
Pittsburgh, PA

Hartford, CT
Las Vegas, NV
Houston, TX

Orlando, FL
Oklahoma City, OK

Miami, FL
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA
Charleston, SC

Los Angeles, CA
Colorado Springs, CO

Sorry Libra! There are no major US Cities for you.  Use your rising sign, or whatever sign your Jupiter (planet of travel) lies in!  If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, get a chart reading from me and I will tell you all about it!

Denver, CO
West Palm Beach, FL
Charlotte, NC
Philadelphia, PA
Providence, RI

Anchorage, AK
Birmingham, AL
Montgomery, AL
San Diego, CA
Wilmington, DE
Tampa, FL
Memphis, TN

Tallahassee. FL
Atlanta, GA
Savannah, GA
New York City, NY
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Austin, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Virginia Beach, VA
Seattle, WA

Tucson, AZ
Augusta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
Dallas, TX
Milwaukee, WI

Washington D.C.
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
Atlantic City, NJ
San Antonio, TX

Sagittarius Woman - Leo Man

These two will meet, and the fun will really begin.  They will meet most likely at a party, or out on the town.  These two are rarely at home you see, fun and crowds are totally their thing.  He will hear a loud laugh coming from the bar area where a group of people will be laughing at this tall and bright woman.  He will tell right away that she is a spit fire, but he loves a good challenge.  No woman can resist his regal manly charm.  She will have noticed him too, and how he has a little fan club of flighty girls chasing his coattails.  God they look so desperate to her.  She finds it comical that he could care less about any of them.  He will approach her and try to impress her with all of his acclimates to only find that she is unimpressed, because she is quite the impressive woman herself.  What he really needs to talk to her about is his hobbies, and if they have one in common she may just give you the time of day.

The first few moths they will play fun games with one another, making the rules up as they go.  He will puff his chest out trying to impress her, but nothing will ever really work.  Little does he know that she likes him quite a bit.  She knows that he is just dying for her to complement SOMETHING about him.  She will leave him little crumbs of affection, all the while being sarcastic.  Then one night he will touch her gently on the arm, look her right in the eye, and sincerely say, "I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever met."  And she will be so deeply touched that the games will stop all together.  See behind her loud, sarcastic, and wild nature is a very sensitive an vulnerable woman who wants love just as much as any other woman does no matter what she leads you to believe.  When he makes her feel safe, she will roll her sleeve up and show him that she has been wearing her heart there the whole time.

Somehow, throughout all of the games, he knew the whole time because he could see it in her eyes.  There is something about his heart, his warmth, and something about how the Sun on his skin that makes him glow.  He is special.  He is different.  She starts to feel like the search may be over.  She finally feels like she met her match.  They may start out playing games with each other, but it will grow into affection, respect, admiration and something deep.  She will teach him that there is so much to discover in life, and he will keep her heart safe.  If you can keep a Sagittarius woman's heart safe she will hand you the world on a gold platter, and Leo is quite partial to gold you see.  Their relationship will be filled with laughter and adventure.  If they ever need to play games again, they will keep them fun.  Maybe a scavenger hunt with clues along the way.  Now that I could see.