Capricorn Woman - Capricorn Man

When this Capricorn Man meets her for the first time it may be during the romantic times around their birthdays, when the snow is falling, there is a fire crackling, and the season where you can feel the coffee warm your whole body as you sip it.  It is a time of reflection of the year past, streets lined with twinkling lights, and somehow the cold makes you want to be around the ones you love even more.  There is a reason it is engagement season, it really is so romantic and magical.  All of this being true, Capricorns are not necessarily known for their over the top romantic gestures.  No, they are much too practical for that.  What he will notice about her when he first meets her is what a WOMAN she is.  He has dated a time or two, but never anyone that makes him feel like the man he is.  This lady changes the whole game for him in so many ways.

They are both hard to get to know right off the bat, so this relationship may need a few hot cocoas by the fire to get them to feel safe with each other and open up.  "Opening Up" - a Capricorn shutters at that phrase.  They like to keep their tender hearts behind their high walls where no one can damage it.  This sign does not like to show any type of weakness, they are way too tough for that.  They also sure as hell don't need anything or anyone for that matter.  How ridiculous to imagine that anyone would NEED someone.  One thing to remember Capricorn is that it is okay to need someone from time to time.  No one can do it all and no one is that strong all the time.  Being vulnerable with another person is the closest thing to heaven on Earth no matter how scary it may be.  So after a while someone is going to have to let their walls down, and when these two become vulnerable with each other is when a relationship can really begin.  To love and be loved fully including ones flaws, is what life is all about.

These two people are as stable as stable can be in almost every aspect of life; finances, career, emotionalism, and relationships.  They are both Earth Signs you see, and they are also the last Earth Sign on the karmic wheel blessing them both with a natural wisdom that they will have from the day that they arrive on the Earth.  There is so much he appreciates about her, especially the qualities that he has in himself.  As I have mentioned in other posts prior, Capricorns, especially the males, age in reverse.  They are so serious about building a life for themselves early on that they learn later in life how to enjoy their spoils of their hard work.  If these two meet in college they will be extremely independent of each other to be able to be focused on their own careers and life paths.  If they remain together all the way through their retirement, they will finally act like college kids together in their 60's.  It is really quite an interesting thing to observe.  So when things are rough for either Cappy in this relationship, just remember that your best years together are always yet to come.

One thing this pair will always get right is their intimacy together. They both keep a tight lid on their expression for one another at first, but trust me that will not last very long.  They both feel the passion between each other all the way down to their solid Earthly cores. They are able to release their inhibitions and feel free while they are one together. Their sex brings contentment and peace, because they can wholly trust one another.  There is a sweet vulnerable sensuality that they will share together that breaks down their high walls which they so need to be able to feel whole.  There is a gentleness that only they will share together, which is such an amazing break from the usual coarse facade that they put out to everyone else.  Their sex is bonding, and makes these two unbreakable, because once they break each other's walls down they will start making their own walls together to keep their relationship safe from anything that could ever tear it apart. 

These two will soften each other in a way that most of their friends and family never thought was possible.  Marriage is a very natural step for Capricorns, and so there as the soft snow is falling, and the moon makes the ground look like it is glittering he will look at her and he will feel a tug on his heart, and feel something that he never knew even existed.  There is nothing practical, nothing logical, and nothing that he can even put into words.  It's abstract, which is not a world that a Capricorn is familiar with.  He will look at her as he is thinking of all of this, and their eyes will meet and she will smile.  She is smiling because she feels the same thing.  So he will reach into his pocket and pull out something tangible, a stone, something of the Earth.  A symbol of their past where they broken down each other's barriers, their present in which they are building a beautiful life, and future where they can grow young together.


Sagittarius Woman - Sagittarius Man

It is really quite astounding when these two find each other.  Their paths will have to cross just at the right time for this to truly work.  You see, these two are both so fiery, both incredibly independent, and both are always on a journey with no destination necessarily in sight.  So if they happen to cross paths in this thing we call life, and decide to start traveling down the same path together, it is really something quite spectacular.

They are both Mutable Signs, meaning they are quite the experts when it comes to language, communication, jokes, puns, word games, riddles - I think you get my point.  When they first meet he will notice her fiery energy from across the room, and be drawn to her like a moth to a flame (pun intended).  One would not call a Sagittarian Man shy, so he will go up to her with a big grin on his face and say something to her like this, "Have you ever tried to eat a clock?"  Now, if this was most women an expression of shock or confusion may come over their face, but this is another Sag we are dealing with here and there is little that shocks her, so she will play along, "I can't say I have."  He will reply, "It's very time consuming."  There will be a second of silence, and then they will both break out into laughter.  That's how their relationship is, full of hilarity and quick witted jokes.

It is not all fun and games though because they are both very fiery beings.  One second they will be fighting and the next they will be making up.  Not many can move at their pace, but they enjoy keeping up with each other.  Just as funny as they can be, their honesty can be a bit brutal at times as well.  They are not the best at fixing things verbally, so some of the times it is best to just take some time apart to let things cool down before coming back together.  They also have a tendency to exaggerate the truth on occasion.  It is not like they are necessarily lying, they just like to make things seem more interesting than they really are.  Just remember to keep the truth at the core of everything you do, no matter how much the truth can be boring to you.  Relationships are built on trust, so make sure your building blocks are there with each other.

These two don't do anything half-ass, including relationships.  Sex is no exception to this Sagittarian rule.  There will be little that needs work in this department. When it comes to sex with these two fire signs there will be a lot of talking, touching, laughing, warmth, and fun. There is so much in common with these two that they will really vibe with one another.  There is much affection and expressive love between these two, that brings a sense of safety and security that all Sagittarius men and women secretly long for.  No matter how independent these two are, they are a sign that is most definitely known for wearing their heart on their sleeve.  These two will be able to have a vulnerability with one another, and unbarred romance that most people could only dream about, and a fiery love that doesn't hold back even an ounce.  These are things that they should most definitely cherish about one another.

Money will be something that comes and goes with these two.  It is most definitely not at the forefront of importance in their relationship.  They will make it, spend it, and then make some more.  They would rather experience life than sit at home, and check their back account while eating leftovers.  To them, money is to be earned to experience life.  In many ways, if these two could be independently wealthy and travel the world together experiencing new cultures, trying different cuisine, and hearing the philosophies of others - that would be the perfect life.  However, most are not independently wealthy so they will work to gain those experiences one paycheck at a time.  After all, you can't take your money when you die anyways.

Throughout the years they will only become closer to one another.  These two have so much luck to get them through the hard times, enough Fire to get them through the cold, and enough laughter to keep it all together.  They will love telling their children and grandchildren about the many adventures they had together. They will have a full life of learning, movement, seeking, chasing, traveling, fighting, making up, and experiencing life only a Sagittarian really can - all the way.  


Virgo Woman - Virgo Man

These two would never imagine on rushing into any kind of relationship fast, in fact they may not even have a care in the world about being in a relationship when they first meet each other. They are both so picky you see, and have to analyze every little detail about each other before really making an educated decision about being in a relationship together. I have said it before, and I will say it again that Virgos, especially Virgo Men, are the bachelor of the zodiac with Aquarius as a close second. But after all of their careful calculations, they will realize how perfect they both are individually and together. And as most know, Virgos love perfection. 

At first this Virgo Woman will probably ignore his advances, by sticking her nose in a newspaper or keeping herself busy in the garden. But when she realizes that this may actually be the guy for her, she is quite coy. She will slide her hand across his back that gives him chills, or she will look at him directly into her eyes so he can see right through her, never saying anything of course. It won't be too long that these two will give into what they really want, and the anticipation will make it all the more worth it.

Speaking about giving in their sex may be a little cold and controlled at first, but with a little time you will start to see things steam up. They need to leave their cool and controlled attitude at the door to be able to really be able to fulfill one another. Sex is something that innately they can see as taboo, but they can learn with one another that it can be a whole and fulfilling experience that leaves them feeling clean instead of dirty. They will learn more and more about each other through every experience together, only bettering and deepening their sexuality with each other. Most wonder if Virgos have really any sex life at all considered they are both the sign of the Virgin, but that is about as far from the truth as you can get. They absolutely are sexual beings, but every sign looks at sex and experiences it in a different energy. A Virgo experiences it in more of a pure way, and there is absolutely nothing wrong or unattractive about that.

These two will run into a few problems as all couples do, and they will mostly revolve around two things; imperfections and criticism. None of us are perfect, but none of us appreciate criticism on those imperfections. It is in a Virgo's nature to analyze and criticize any flaws that they see. Most of the time they do it because they want to fix the flaw, but if you have two people that are criticizing and analyzing each other all day, when is their time for love? These two are way too smart to let little things get in the way of such a beautiful pairing, so if they can work it out to cut even half of it out, they will be in a good place. Just remember one thing; it is all about the delivery. Virgos have a wonderful sense of humor and clarity about them, so utilize that if something NEEDS to be said. It will come out a lot softer, and received with more of an open mind when coming from a place of love.

I have known many Virgos in my life. Two of my bridesmaids in my wedding were Virgos, my mother is a Virgo, I have dated a Virgo, and so on. I feel like they are always searching for something that may not even exist. Maybe it's a level of perfection that really isn't even here on Earth, but if they are searching for love one thing to always keep in mind is that their is no love that is perfect. If they can accept this, and understand that love is about acceptance of every bit of the other person and acceptance with themselves, they may find a piece of what they are searching for. No one is perfect, not even these two. But there is a solace in finding someone that just gets you, and that is what these two will find in each other. Someone who loves a perfectly clean house, intelligent conversations, working in their garden together, reading the newspaper in the buff while talking about the current economic policies. I mean, somebody had to like doing that stuff, and who better than these two beautiful and clear souls. Romance comes in many forms, and to them it comes as a pure clear white light.


Gemini Woman - Gemini Man

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot. This is how they will make some of their most important decisions; fast and without a whole ton of thought.  They do not find the need to sit and ponder everything in life.  The fun part in life is the spontaneity of going wherever the wind takes you.  To most this sounds terrifying, and not a way to go about life.   How can you have no real roots in life?  Well as the character Jack Dawson from the movie Titanic said so well when he was invited to first class to dine with a table of aristocratic snobs, and Rose's mother asks him if he finds his rootless existence appealing he answers, "Well, yes, ma'am, I do... I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count."

And that is just what these two will do each day together, they will make every day count.  As I have said countless times that the Gemini Man is Peter Pan, and that the Gemini Woman is a sprite otherwise known as Tinkerbell.  Together they can live in their Neverland, undisturbed by the  harshness if reality. Who really wants to grow up anyways? These two will go through life wanting to learn something new every day, and what better way to do that with your best friend?

These two are both very chatty, I mean they are both Mutable Signs after all. They are so good with words, and can even make bad news sound good. This is that couple that will be both talking at the same time, sometimes about the same thing and sometimes not. They may tend to leave their listeners in a tizzy, but they both love to be heard. This may sometimes tend to make them battle for the stage, but if they do battle it won't be a long one. They get over things as fast as they got under it, because they are already moving on to the next thing before you can even bat an eye.

They are the sign of the Twins, because in each Gem lies two if not more personalities. So imagine how many characters you will see come out of this couple. Many Geminis have an alias, or a nickname for their alter ego. The two of them will have several nicknames for one another, and will love waking up to see who they are dealing with that day, hour, or even minute. Because of their duality, their sex will be different and magical every time. There is a certain understanding between these two sexually. There is something so wistful, fun, and light about their sex. It is magical, almost like looking at a prism when the light hits it just right, and you see all of the beautiful colors scatter and dance across the room. What they have is nothing short of magic.

Sometimes the other twin will want to escape for a while when they feel like they are losing themselves in their partner, and they get so caught up in the moment that they leave their love in the dust. One thing that these two will have to work on is to not get ahead of themselves or their counterpart. Hold hands through life, and race across the stars together. As every Gemini knows, it is not the destination that matters but the journey itself. He will have to reassure her that he is there for her even while he is away on one of his Gemini endeavors, but assure her you will be together soon. Geminis do not care for loneliness one bit, they get bored way too easily for that.

These two are as lighthearted can be, but it takes a long time for them to really make a decision to give them whole selves to another. It takes patience, trust, and a deep connected friendship to really and completely be ready for the M word (aka marriage). Life to a Gem is never meant to be lived to seriously, and marriage is a serious topic that they do not in any sense take lightly. They may even have to part ways for a bit because one is ready and the other is not, but usually the other twin will realize that they want to return to their quirky and magical sense of reality that only they two of them can really make. They will realize that they really aren't like other couples, and they love that about their relationship. Most couples strive to be one with each other, but that sounds so boring to this Gemini duo. Besides, how is that possible for a couple that is not even one person within themselves to be one with someone of the same nature? It is not, and that is something quite incredible.


Taurus Woman - Taurus Man

The Taurus Man has a sweet strong way about him.  This is something that most women will swoon over, but the Taurus Woman silently appreciates it.  These two have so much in common with one another which they will really love about each other.  They will both love the great outdoors, they will both love the fresh smell of grass on their porch while drinking fresh French pressed coffee, and over a crisp newspaper they will love discussing the raise of their stocks in the current market.  They truly are such tangible creatures, and this is something that they will love to share.  They will probably have an incredibly beautiful home together, filled with leather, wood, and plush furnishings, and most likely an animal or two.  They are the couple that has a garden that most would envy. They both have quite the green thumb as most Earth Signs do.

There are definitely Bulls that are city dwellers as well.  Taurus are naturally drawn to anything financial, and these two will possibly even meet at work.  They do have excellent work ethic and they are naturally inclined to jobs that showcase that well.  They do love the lavish life that the city has to offer them, but there is something deep down in a Taurus' soul that longs to be in nature.  These two may even decide to retire at a ranch, and pick up a knack for horseback riding.  Things like that come so naturally to them.  See, things are so much more pleasurable to the senses than a city and a Bulls senses are so important in in making them happy.  So maybe they may never make it out of the city, but they will vacation often to escape the noise and bustle.

I have gotten a bit ahead of myself with these two, but marriage is just something that will come between these two so naturally that it is almost expected.  However, one way they won't make it is if for any reason their stubbornness gets in the way.  We all know that Bulls are famous for being very stubborn, and once they have stuck their heels in there is usually no moving them.  This will make things impossible for them to communicate, which will make things impossible for them to ever get to a resolution. They are both fighters through and through.  If the topic of the fight is bad enough, Taurus men and women have been known to just completely walk away from relationships.  They are patient, so they will take their sweet time for the other person to surrender which just doesn't always happen.

Sex will be something that can heal a lot of their issues, and soften their willfulness against each other.  As I mentioned before, these two are tangible and their attraction will be carnal for one another. They will have an earthly, slow, and physical union. They will go to another dimension with one another, just by hearing the sound of each others voices.  They will both usually have a beautiful voice, sensual almost.  They will enjoy each other very much.  But every once in a while, being the fact that they are both relaxed and sometimes lazy Bulls, will need to spice things up every once in a while.  It won't take much more that a tender touch or a soft kiss.  Aphrodisiacs are something that work well, so go out for a round of oysters and finish with some dark chocolate with a bottle of red wine and they will be in business in no time.

Together they really can have a beautiful life together, and they will.  They are truly a beautiful match together.  As a team, they are able to make a beautiful home together, have beautiful memories filled with delicious dinners, amazing vacations and nights of sensuality.  They will have a beautiful nest egg in the bank, making their retirement years potentially some of the best years of their life.  These Venus ruled creatures may just be living on Venus here on Earth.  A life full of lovely love.


Aries Woman - Aries Man

As independent and strong as he is, she is just the same.  These are two Rams we are dealing with here; they will either hook horns or climb a mountain together, or maybe a little bit of both. When meeting these two for the first time, your first reaction will probably be WOW, with a cloud of smoke behind it.  These two mean business, and in no way do I mean that lightly.  In fact, these two may even end up in business together, either running one, or being key parts in a Fortune 500.  You see they are both fiery independent Cardinal Signs aka natural born leaders.   These people don't have a boss, they ARE THE BOSS.  These two will have to be equals in every sense of the word if this is to work.  Equals at home, equals at work, and equals in bed. 

There will be times of domination from both him and her, but because this is a masculine ruled sign he will probably take the cake.  Or at least you will let him think he does.  There is a lot of masculine energy between these two.  They can literally run the world together if they just learn to get along.  However, behind that hard Ram exterior is a woman that wants and craves to be taken care of.  When you are in the arms of an Aries man, you will always be taken care of which is something she loves.  One place she does not mind giving up her power is in the bedroom.  Especially if her Ram knows what he is doing.  Let's be honest, he is an Aries... of course he knows what he is doing.

It is funny that we are talking about sex so early on in this relationship, usually I save it until the end. But with these two, sex will be at the forefront of their relationship in a lot of ways. There will be a lot of sex between these two. They both like being in charge which can cause a few problems in the bedroom. They have explosive sex with each other, but she needs to remember that HE is the man. If she can learn to give up a little of her independence, and let him take control in the bedroom the sky is the limit with these two. It’s definitely a hot combo.

She really is like taking a shot of cinnamon whiskey, hot at first but she really does finish sweet.  She is fiery alright, but so is her male counterpart.  Sometimes even more to her surprise.  One day she will watch him take a work call, and she will think to herself, "Damn, I am with such a boss."  And she is lucky, but so is he.  However, one thing he will need to do is separate his work from his personal life.  Especially with her.  She has no patience to be bossed around.  She has a daddy, she doesn't need two. No matter WHO you are, she will want you to take her opinion into consideration.  Keeping that in mind, communication with these two will be key in making this relationship really work. 

This woman has a youthful, giving and sweet spirit about her that wants to truly find her Casanova who will spoil her.  Someone who will wine and dine her, someone who is generous, and someone who will ride off into the sunset with her into all her all of unrealistic dreams.  An Aries man can do all of that for her, because he himself is just as young at heart and dreamy as she is.  Aries are the first Sun Sign in the Karmic wheel, making them of the babies of the Zodiac.  They LOVE to get their way, and as long as these two want the same things, there is nothing that can stand in their way.

There is something that is so uncontrollable about their love, almost like a wildfire that is even too hot to be stopped by water.  However, when something is too hot sometimes it can burn out too fast.  If these two want to last, they will have to try to keep their heat at a smolder to make it last as long as an Aries possibly can.  Everything they do will be at 110%; their love making, their fights, their work ethic, etc.  If I can tell you anything, I would tell you to try to do your absolute best to remember your partner and how lost you may be without them.  As independent as the Ram is, they deeply long for a partner.  A true life partner.  So be kind and patient with one another.  If anyone can understand your significant other, it is you for you are one in the fiery same.  There is a very simple rule that these two can always come back to, "Do to others what you want them to do to you."  If you both can live by this, you two can truly rule the world together.


Conjunction; is it the new Trine?

Linda Goodman is my Astrology guru.  I have loved her work forever, and own all of her books in which I have read multiple times.  She always believed that being in a relationship with someone that was Trine to your Sun Sign was the ideal match for you.  If you have absolutely no idea what all of this Trine business is that I speak of please visit this post for more explanation.  I still do believe that being with someone that is Trine to you is easier, but Linda wrote her books years ago, and times are changing.

I have noticed that a lot of people, including myself, are marrying people that are Conjuct to their sign. Meaning you are in a relationship with the same Sun Sign that you yourself are. I have been pondering over the past year why this could be, and I think that it could be for a few reasons. People are now marrying at an older age. When you live alone, or when you are single for some time, you form an incredibly important and strong relationship with yourself. As Carrie Bradshaw said, “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that's just fabulous.”

We are not in the days of our mothers and grandmothers anymore.  We are no longer pressured to get married at 20, we are no longer obligated to find our self-worth through childbearing.  Our 20's are now a time for self discovery, not self-sacrifice for others.  For those of you that are young mothers and fathers, I have the utmost respect and praise for you and I am not saying that you are not independent and self-aware, it is just harder to find that piece of yourself when you have other people that depend on you.  

Maybe we are now marrying our same Sun Sign, because women and men fall in love with themselves before they fall in love with another?

Think about it for a moment....

I do not want this to be taken egotistically, but more of just something interesting to think about.  I am a Scorpio (I have a Sagittarius Rising and Scorpio Moon) and I am undoubtedly married to my soulmate who is a Scorpio (he has a Leo Rising and an Aries Moon).  I would be completely lying if I told you that our relationship was easy, but the things that I do love about him most are things that we have in common. We share the same goals, the same desires, the same lust for life, and we are on the same playing field.  We are true equals to one another.  Isn't that the way of the future?

I have written 4 Conjuct relationship posts thus far;

I will be starting a new series in which I will be finishing the rest of the Conjunct Relationship posts.  So if you yourself are in one of these relationships stay tuned.  Conjunction junction, what's your function?